5 Reasons Why Mobile Keycards for the Office are Just Smart

Cohesion 5 Reasons Why Mobile Keycards for the Office are Just Smart

As millions of office workers prepare to return to the office, they are more conscious than ever of their health, wellness, and safety. The pandemic has shown the importance of a healthy building environment to keep occupants well.

Meanwhile, building owners face a highly competitive market and must differentiate their buildings from others to attract and retain tenants. Building managers are tasked with ensuring their buildings meet the heightened expectations of their tenants. They are also finding ways to provide a high-end, frictionless building experience to make employees more productive when they’re at the office. They’re also finding that adding smart building capabilities is a hard to understand and poorly scoped process, and finding experts to guide them can be difficult.

Cohesion’s smart building platform integrates with existing building card readers to deliver touchless entry for all access points in a building with mobile keycards. The single application gives access to elevators, doors, parking garages, turnstiles, and tenant spaces. Below, we’ll discuss the advantages of having mobile keycards.

1. Easy Access

Using a mobile keycard is as fast and easy to use as a physical keycard. It allows tenants to use their phones for building access without having to swipe a physical keycard or talk to building security.

2. More Secure

Mobile keycards are more secure than plastic keycards, as it is easier to lose a keycard than one’s phone. Visitors receive a timebound QR code the day of their visit. Building staff can audit visitor lists and create a watch list for non-approved visitors, enhancing building security processes.

3. Instant Updates

Cohesion’s role and permission-based platform allows for instant access updates and simplified workstreams to increase productivity of the property management team. With Cohesion’s one-touch configuration, permissioned users can quickly and easily add or remove tenants in the system.

4. Touchless Solution

Reducing physical contact with surfaces throughout the building reduces the risk of the spread of germs. A mobile keycard also creates a more convenient experience as tenants move throughout the building without the need to touch buttons or swipe a physical card.

5. High-End Perk

A touchless experience is a high-end perk of sophisticated properties. Occupants and their visitors have a frictionless experience as they use their phones to enter and exit all access points around the property.

Technology enables building management to enhance the tenant experience and provide a healthy, efficient workplace. If you’d like to learn more about Cohesion’s mobile keycard, request a demo from our team.

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