A Guide For Occupancy Data in Your Building: What You Need to Know

Cohesion A Guide For Occupancy Data in Your Building What You Need To know

With the pressure rising for commercial real estate investment managers to make buildings healthy and green, there is an increasing need to understand the holistic operations of buildings. There is an enormous volume of underlying data in buildings, but it is not used in decision-making. A recent report from Ernst & Young identified that this year has been an inflection point for the commercial real estate industry and has intensified the need for technology solutions. In fact, the report states that those who adapt and reap the benefits of a fully realized technology platform are likely to fare better.

A comprehensive analytics platform gives property owners and operators visibility into building data. By understanding insights from a variety of sensors and devices from a holistic viewpoint, building stakeholders can use actionable insights to make informed decisions.

Cohesion’s occupancy analytics dashboard empowers building owners and managers to make smarter decisions through data-driven outcomes. We present comprehensive occupancy data by pulling data from a variety of sources including card readers and visitor and vendor management tools. The data includes crucial point-in-time metrics and trends over time, by the tenant or by individual category.

Below, you’ll find a breakdown of what you need to know about occupancy data in your building.

Understand Point-in-Time Occupancy Metrics

Our occupancy insights dashboard lets you see real-time metrics of how many people are in the building. We use data from integrations with access control and card readers as well as physical devices like occupancy sensors to get an accurate read on building occupancy at any given point in time. By combining this with the data we have about visitors and vendors in the building, we can understand how the occupancy stacks up again the building’s capacity. Property managers can also use this information to make informed decisions around staffing and cleaning schedules.

Analyze Occupancy Trends Over Time

Cohesion’s analytics dashboard allows you to see the number of visitors, amenity reservations, and parking visits over time. You can customize your dashboard to view how your property’s occupancy performs at different times and plan accordingly. Because Cohesion’s platform breaks down data by category, you can go further to understand how each building occupant engages with the building.

We’re empowering building management to make decisions about how to maximize the space in a building based on usage trends, which ultimately allows owners and operators to optimize the property and increase ROI.

Get to Know Tenant Behaviors

Our dashboard allows building owners to view the occupancy of their building by the tenant. This information is helpful when making informed leasing decisions or strategizing on how to encourage tenants to re-sign. You can also see how tenant usage is performing over the duration of their lease to determine what their future space needs might be.

Cohesion’s occupancy analytics dashboard provides a valuable analysis tool for building management and ownership to make informed decisions based on how tenants, visitors, and staff use space. To see Cohesion’s analytics dashboard in action, request a demo with our team.

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