Am I Still Built to Win? 

Cohesion Smart Building Technology

This upcoming year finds us in the midst of some new challenges. Inflation, the great resignation, the 14th variant of COVID (“omicron” is the 14th letter of the Greek Alphabet) and several other urgent matters of the day, that could very easily convince us we need to look into the future from a different perspective.  


 “Things are fundamentally different, but not irreparably broken,” said Joel Lehman, Cohesion’s  Chief Revenue Officer, “The opportunity to pause, reflect, and ask the question ‘Am I built to win?’ is an adventure we need to embrace.” 

 As real estate professionals, it’s safe to say that we are all eager to get people physically present in buildings. “Occupancy” measured as the percentage of space under contract is one thing. Physical presence in the buildings is another. They used to be the same, and now they are not. Our competitive positioning was built on winning against the building down the street. Now, our competitor is the couch.  


“This is different – very different,” said Joel. “We can focus energy on what can be controlled, which is providing an experience in the office that people cannot get at home. Make the workplace environment a welcoming and convenient place that optimizes productivity and collaboration. With health and safety still a high concern for many people, doing as much as we can to alleviate those concerns is paramount.”

Numerous research indicates people want more technology in the office and safer, touchless interactions within the building such as mobile keycards, amenity reservations and transparency about indoor air quality. This can easily be achieved with a digital platform and integrated IoT sensors, while providing valuable insights and data for building managers and owners.

The commercial real estate environment is not the same today but thinking differently and looking forward with innovation in mind, rather than trying to resist change, leads to newer and much better solutions to these evolving challenges. Create a strategy to take advantage of our second chance to make a first impression – this is a rare opportunity.


Cohesion is the most comprehensive digital building integration platform that increases asset value by connecting building systems to provide comprehensive data, actionable insights and an exceptional tenant experience. We are committed to being the partner that ensures you’re built to win.  


About Joel Lehman


Since the 1980s, Joel has been at the forefront of building engineering. He is an expert at understanding how buildings operate and how to leverage technology to solve operational challenges. With decades of experience, he has a unique understanding of the engineering and complexities of multi-system building integrations and the solutions needed for them to operate at optimal efficiency.

As Chief Revenue Officer at Cohesion, Joel leads all customer-facing functional areas of business development, sales, channel partnerships and customer success to drive expansion and results. He serves as a strategic leader, visionary, team supervisor and advocate of Cohesion’s commercial activities.

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