April Updates: Adding functionality. Enhancing the experience.

The Cohesion team is currently developing a collection of major new features to the platform. All the while, we’re still continually...
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The Cohesion team is currently developing a collection of major new features to the platform. All the while, we’re still continually improving our existing feature set. This month, we released four exciting updates to our Fitness, Amenities and Access Control modules.

Fitness Registration Made Easier

Our integration with MindBody makes finding and reserving in-building or nearby fitness classes easier than ever for tenants. Now we’ve made the sign-up process even smarter. MindBody allows individual fitness providers to set their own registration requirements. Before we launched our latest update, users would have to provide the full range of personal information required to register. Our new dynamic user sign-up form is populated with registration info requirements from each MindBody partner we integrate with. Necessary information fields to register automatically populate in real time for fast and easy registration. It minimizes a potential roadblock to a new user registering for fitness classes and saves time for everyone on both sides of the process.

Building in Buffer Times to Amenities Bookings

In many of the buildings in our platform, shared amenity spaces require time allocated between reservations to clean up and prepare the space for the next event.  To account for this need, many of our customers were creating mandatory half-day and full-day reservation blocks in the system. That solution worked, but it arbitrarily limited the number of possible tenant users and reservation slots for those spaces. We added a new configuration feature to our booking process that allows the management team to add specific additional buffer times between reservations for a given amenity. This enhancement will allow our customers to increase the number of amenity reservations and generate more revenue by offering more amenity bookings in shorter time blocks. 

Adding New Functionality to Legacy Access Control

At Cohesion, we take great pride in our ability to integrate with systems that add functionality beyond their original design. Our latest example is creating an entirely new way to grant visitor access credentials to buildings running P2000 access control. With this platform enhancement, Cohesion buildings using P2000 can create and register a visitor and assign them specialized access via a QR code that is emailed to them. 

Using Cohesion to manage visitors eliminates the need for multiple separate systems/logins.

Multiple Systems. One seamless Journey.

Recently, we enhanced our SiPass access control integration to add home floor functionality. Now, in buildings using SiPass, when you enter using your mobile keycard, Cohesion automatically passes your assigned home floor to the elevator’s destination dispatch system and calls an elevator to take you directly to the proper floor. It’s a powerful combination of events happening in the background — like magic! This gives people the ability to maintain an efficient and touchless journey through even the most congested areas and times of day.


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