3 Key Benefits of a Visitor Management System

Cohesion Visitor Management System

Building staff are responsible for handling busy workplaces as people come in and out of their building. A visitor management system is critical to effectively process and track guests. Restricting access to the property helps building managers protect their people and premises, and having a robust system gives a better way to track who is at the building for safety purposes.

With Cohesion’s smart building platform, tenants are empowered to give their guests easy, touchless access. When tenants schedule their visitors in the app, visitors receive a QR code that grants them access to the building for the duration of their visit. Using this system provides three key benefits to your building.

See Real-Time Analytics

A visitor management dashboard gives you a snapshot into visitors for the day. Easily see the number of expected visitors, the percentage of visitors who have checked in, and the time to the next visitor. Cohesion’s occupancy analytics uses this information to give property owners and operators a deeper understanding of occupancy in the building and trends over time.

Cohesion visitor management 200 Clark on a desktop and mobile device displaying a list of building visitors

Cohesion’s visitor management feature provides easy insights to who is in your building and how many visitors are scheduled.

Improve Security

With a robust visitor management system in place, you’ll have a detailed record of every guest who’s visited your building. That means that if there’s ever an emergency, you can easily audit the visitor lists. You can also create a watchlist with photos and special instructions for non-approved visitors. If a guest on the watchlist visits the building, staff is alerted of the situation so they can remediate if needed.

Streamline Operations

A visitor management dashboard can help automate building operations. With an entirely digital system, it eliminates the need for manual or paper-based records. Since visitors can access their time-based credentials via their mobile phone, there is no need to use temporary or visitor badges. This technology gives property managers easy control over access in the building while capturing and storing essential visitor records.

A visitor management system ensures buildings run more efficiently while giving occupants self-service tools to make them more productive, leading to a better tenant experience.

If you’d like to learn more about Cohesion’s visitor management system, request a demo with our team.

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