January Product Updates

Temperature Controls now live and available!

“Too hot” or “too cold” requests are common from tenants, tying up maintenance personnel with unnecessary busy work and wasted time. Our new Temperature Control feature gives authorized personnel the ability to adjust the temperature as desired – freeing up your team’s time and enabling instant comfort for tenants.

There’s a lot of operators’ time being wasted on temperature change requests – 80% of HVAC related work orders are Too Hot + Too Cold, totaling 20% of all work orders.

This makes a technology platform to manage, set, enable, and track temperatures a new necessity. To help create a comfortable work environment, as well as simplify operations through digital tools, we now offer the Temperature Controls feature within the complete smart building technology solution. Reach out for more information.

Flex Space Features Update: Reservable Space by Tenant Company

The Cohesion flex space features for reserving conference rooms and desks provide management teams with the easiest way to understand and increase utilization of space within the building. Landlords can now make “smart spec suites” with turnkey amenities and technology, available to tenant companies in the building for overflow space, large on-site company workshops, and short-term workspace needs. With this feature enhancement, any space made reservable on the Cohesion platform can be made available to specific tenant companies. This enables new revenue opportunities for those looking to meet tenant needs for on-demand use of space.

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