Cohesion Assists in Welcoming People Back to the Gorgeous 155 N. Wacker Office Building in Downtown

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One of the many lessons remote working has taught us is the value of convenience. We have become acclimated to simply working in the comfort of our own homes and employees now expect to return to a modern, comfortable and efficient workplace.

The ,John Buck Company offers tenants and tenant employees the Cohesion platform at 155 N. Wacker in Chicago. This 48-story luxury office building is in an ideal location in The Loop and includes a variety of upscale amenities such as a fitness center, car and bike parking, Beatrix Market connected to the lobby and express shipping and drop boxes, just to name a few. Cohesion has been live at the property since 2019, but there are many fresh faces who are experiencing this workplace technology for the first time.

“Offering an exceptional workplace for employees is very important,” said Darcy Bonner, Director of Customer Success at Cohesion. “It’s great to meet people whose lives are being impacted by our technology and reinvigorating to hear, ‘wow, this is incredibly convenient!’ after a first engagement with our app.”

As people are returning to their offices, we had the pleasure of visiting 155 N. Wacker for a Welcome Back Lobby Reconnect event to reconnect users with the office building technology and smoothly onboard those who are new to the Cohesion digital workplace experience app. Step-by-step, we walked tenants though the download and use process until they were comfortable and satisfied with the app. This was a terrific opportunity to learn how users feel about their digital workplace experience. Person after person took their phones out, and without opening the phone or any app, simply swiped over the card reader to get access to the elevators and their office suites. This is the mobile keycard feature for ,touchless access to the building and suites.

We support all our customers with hands-on training for their users, with support from our Customer Success, Integration and Marketing team members to ensure a successful experience with the app and with our company.


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