Cohesion Building Asset Inventory: How We’re Using Data to Drive Autonomous Buildings

Cohesion Building Asset Inventory How We're Using Data to Drive Autonomous Buildings

Cohesion’s smart building platform automates functions in commercial real estate by leveraging the industry’s most comprehensive data. This is enabling operators to enhance the tenant experience, save money, and increase operational transparency. One component behind Cohesion Autonomy is the building asset inventory, which is a list of BACnet-capable devices or controllers in the building. It captures information including the device name, model, and system status.

Keeping an accurate list of assets in the building is critical when there are such a vast number of devices. It can be difficult to identify and manage all devices from one place. Over the lifetime of a building, systems are installed and upgraded by different contractors. Documentation and consistency of devices and names are rarely maintained, which leaves building owners and engineers to navigate a system that drifts further into disarray as time goes on. A building asset inventory allows information to be surfaced back into the hands of property management to make it easy to see what devices exist and to add labels and tags to the devices to make them more recognizable. It also reduces managers’ dependence on BAS vendors to ensure that systems are set up and running properly.

By having visibility into the devices with a list that is constantly updating, operators can see the operational status of each item and identify when issues arise. Over time, the platform uncovers faults and inefficiencies. This is important for operational efficiency in a building because operators can save a lot of money by repairing something sooner, and one device running improperly can lead to cascading issues. The platform is able to identify the root of a problem before symptoms start showing.

Cohesion’s building asset inventory is one component of the data the platform collects. By combining data from beacons, card readers, personal devices, air quality sensors, occupancy sensors, HVAC devices, and energy monitors, we can contextualize this data to power full building autonomy. This includes visibility into real-time analytics and insights, automated building controls, demand-driven, and self-optimizing building operations, and balancing healthy building efforts with lower energy consumption.

200 Clark asset inventory list with device data and information on a desktop computer.
200 Clark asset inventory list with device data and information on a desktop computer.

Cohesion’s building asset inventory dashboard provides helpful information to make smarter decisions and help buildings run more efficiently.

As proptech is on the rise, property owners and operators are looking to better leverage the data in their buildings to identify insights and opportunities to create a more efficient property. Cohesion is empowering real estate owners to maximize asset and portfolio value by connecting all building systems, workflows, and people seamlessly connected into one smart building platform. Request a demo from our team to learn more.

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