Cohesion featured in The New York Times

Cohesion Smart Building Technology featured in New York Times

Three weeks into the new year and our platform is turning heads and making headlines.

The New York Times featured Cohesion in a recent article titled “Swipe Right When You See a Conference Room You Like,” and we could not be more excited. The article discusses the changing landscape of working in an office and how technology is driving engagement and value. Here is a quick overview of the article and a few of our thoughts.

Companies, such as Transwestern, integrated the Cohesion platform into office spaces and experienced phenomenal outcomes that tenants and managers can no longer live without. The integration of smart building mobile apps is making work-related tasks touchless, safer, convenient and more efficient.

“It’s super easy,” said Rosalyn Griffin, an office manager at Rothschild & Company. With a single app – TranswesternHub, powered by Cohesion, she can use her phone for simple tasks like submitting repair orders or getting notified when visitors have arrived, which gives her more freedom to leave her desk. Employees can use the app to enter their office building, reserve conference rooms or spaces, call an elevator so it is waiting when you need it, and even request maintenance services. Tenants can also receive important safety information about building emergencies, natural disasters and indoor air quality. The more interactions people have within Cohesion, the richer, more comprehensive data set is produced. We do not aim for two touchpoints (uses per person per day), we get an average of 14 touchpoints per person each day. These high-user rates/touchpoints, combined with building systems and sensor data results in the richest, most comprehensive building database of any platform in the market. With this data, Cohesion creates building-specific reports and insights you can’t get anywhere else within a single, scalable platform. Cohesion takes extra measures to protect the security and privacy of user information. Here are three ways we actively secure important data:

  1. We do not track personal location information on our servers
  2. Personalized data is anonymized
  3. We follow strict policies and procedures that are audited by third parties

As more employees return to the office, smart building apps are taking over. People need to feel safe and comfortable in their workplace. Read more about us, and the future of proptech in the full Times article here.

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