Cohesion: Tools for Today, Tomorrow, and Return to Work

Cohesion Smart Building Tools for Today, Tomorrow, and Return to Work

A complete and connected intelligent building platform does more than just elevate your tenant experience – it reduces expenses, increases revenue, drives occupancy, and creates both a healthy and sustainable building.

At Cohesion, we’ve built the only comprehensive solution available in the market that combines traditional tenant experience features with robust operations tools, smart building controls, and property systems integrations. Below, we discuss a handful of our features that add value to your operations today and as your tenants return to work.

Understand How People Are Moving Through Your Building

Operations teams and ownership groups that are armed with data have a better pulse on the performance of their buildings and the behaviors of their tenants. There is a large amount of data that is not measured or hidden in silos of existing building systems that Cohesion intelligently synthesizes for the benefit of everyone in the building.

Cohesion offers occupancy sensor integrations that allow the platform to take in data from occupancy sensors in the building. The platform collects information about people entering, leaving, or utilizing any space in a building and combines that data with other data sets for greater insights in the building.

Intelligent Building Insights
Intelligent Building Insights

From the app, tenants have visibility into real-time occupancy of key shared spaces including bathrooms and common areas to avoid crowds. Property managers are able to track historical and real-time occupancy on a building, floor, and tenant-level to right-size operations; for example, enhance cleaning schedules. It also lets managers track tenant return-to-work trends.

Cohesion’s building insights dashboard offers a management tool for informed decision-making – surfacing insights from holistic data within a building for greater transparency, more effective operations, and increased building value.

For example, analyzing occupancy trends can help optimize staffing, enhance cleaning schedules, and understand space utilization. It also leverages a myriad of data sources that Cohesion can connect to, including air quality sensors and access control systems, as well as Cohesion’s native modules like space management and maintenance management. We can also calculate how occupancy affects indoor air quality, and in the future, we’ll be able to calculate the energy usage of a building relative to tenant occupancy.

Understanding building insights gives owners and management the ability to optimize property performance and ultimately increase asset ROI.

Automating Workflows

When a building tenant makes a request for after-hours HVAC service, the current workflow at many buildings is very manual. This can result in requests slipping through the cracks. This requires a lot of engineering intervention, as well as remembering to actually bill back for the service. Instead, Cohesion’s HVAC scheduling module integrates directly with the building’s HVAC system – communicating with and controlling the necessary devices to extend the standard HVAC schedule. As soon as a tenant submits an HVAC extension request, the HVAC schedule for their space is adjusted.

Cohesion App The steps of adjusting the HVAC schedule through the mobile app.
Cohesion App The steps of adjusting the HVAC schedule through the mobile app.

Automating this workflow ensures that tenants receive the service that they’re requesting, and automated billing ensures that tenants are appropriately reimbursing the building for HVAC extension costs.

Return to Work

Tenants are coming back to the workplace. A recent survey by PwC found that 75% of company executives anticipate at least half of the office workforce will be back on-site by July 2021. Cohesion gives building managers the tools they need to prioritize the health of the building community and respond to tenant questions as they prepare for the return to the office. Our own research found that employees are interested in touchless controls, allowing them to be in the building without having physical contact with surfaces. Cohesion’s in-app elevator call button integrates with existing elevators to enable a touchless experience for tenants. When an occupant approaches an elevator bank, he or she receives a notification that lets them tap and call for an elevator.

The air quality measurement and rating on a phone and the Call an Elevator feature on a phone.
Cohesion the air quality measurement and rating on a phone and the Call an Elevator feature on a phone.

Cohesion’s indoor air quality (IAQ) program monitors air quality in real-time and intelligently optimizes airflow to reduce pollutants. Tenants can view a space’s air quality status via the app, and property managers are notified when the HVAC system has been adjusted. Automating IAQ ensures that building air is at optimal levels without any additional human effort. The program balances a healthy and sustainable building by increasing airflow to improve IAQ based on real-time air quality data.

Properties that invest in building experience and listen to the voice of the modern employee attract and retain more tenants. To learn more about Cohesion’s intelligent building platform and how it’s increasing asset value, schedule your demo today.

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