Crestron: A leading Provider of Room Scheduling Hardware

Crestron A leading Provider of Room Scheduling Hardware Cohesion

At Cohesion, we know efficiently managing building spaces is a lot of work with a lot of variables. What spaces are currently available? When is the next event booked for a given amenity? Is someone going to be using this conference room in the next hour? To help our customers more easily answer these questions, we developed a new integration with Crestron – a leading provider of room scheduling hardware.

With our new integration, when you book a space in the Cohesion app, your reservation details will populate directly on a Crestron room panel outside that space. This provides tenants with real-time information to better understand who is using what spaces, when, and for what purpose.

Imagine a tenant who has an important meeting, and they want to book the main conference room in the office last-minute. Instead of fumbling through calendars and messaging coworkers to see if the space is free, they can simply check the availability of the room and reserve the space directly from their Cohesion app with just a few clicks. Crestron also takes the hybrid work model into consideration as tenants have the ability to check the status of a conference room and book the amenity from anywhere. The interoperability between Cohesion and Crestron room panels enables anyone to:

  • See the day’s schedule of a given space in an app
  • Check availability of a room on schedule screens while walking by
  • Save time when searching for available spaces
  • Easily communicate reservation details (meeting title, time, location)

Smart buildings provide tenants the information they need exactly when they need it most. With this new integration, our application does just that.

Interested in learning more about Cohesion’s new features? Schedule a demo with the team to see our smart building platform in action.

Crestron hardware sold separately.

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