Designing an Intuitive Platform that People Want to Use

There are a lot of details that go into making a user-friendly digital platform. Ensuring a high quality, useful product that serves its...
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There are a lot of details that go into making a user-friendly digital platform. Ensuring a high quality, useful product that serves its designated purpose is top priority but getting people to want to use the app is just as important. At Cohesion, we continuously conceptualize new navigation processes that makes our technology easy to use and meets users’ needs.

Many digital platforms offer similar services, and sometimes, the determining factor between purchasing one platform vs another lies with the following question: Which one is easier to use?

Our comprehensive digital platform is continuously enhanced with new features and never “done” being created. Cohesion’s product team prioritizes the user experience and constantly monitors ways to optimize it. In fact, many of our recent product updates have focused on simplicity and fluidity through new strategies such as ,creative redesign elements and implementing intuitive technology.

“Reducing clicks, using normal language, and adding visual aids collectively guides users through a more efficient experience,” said AJ Hottman, Product Designer. “With revisions like these, the technology is much more intuitive and easier to use.”

For example, our amenity booking feature recently underwent a redesign that simplified the process for faster, easier booking. In simple terms, people can reserve an amenity in the building such as a ,conference room or community space. What once was a lengthy and tedious process of booking an amenity is now an intuitive, concise experience that can be completed in half the time.

Our product team and designers have amended the fillable form to auto populate a user’s name, eliminating the need to manually type it in each time. We also reviewed the amount of information that was requested on the form and decided certain questions can be merged or completely removed. These changes significantly save time as the number of clicks to complete the reservation reduced from nearly 20 clicks down to 5-6 clicks.

Visual elements such as videos, photos, or gifs are also exceedingly important. To further assist those who use our booking feature, we’ve included images of the desired amenity rooms to help users conceptualize the space. This is especially useful in certain rooms that need to be rearranged depending on the number of people in attendance.

While there are many innovative and creative tools available in the digital space, people want to purchase a product that is easy to use. Creative and forward-thinking designers in the tech space is imperative to not just providing technology – but instead, providing technology people love.


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