Embrace the flexible work environments that are in demand with Cohesion’s new Flex Space and Desk Reservation features

flex space and desk reservations

Workplace and office flexibility are in high demand for hybrid work models. To retain and acquire tenants and employees, management teams are expected to provide desirable environments. This makes a technology platform to reserve, manage, track and enable flexible space and desk reservations a new necessity. To help create these desirable work environments, as well as space utilization and occupancy tracking, Cohesion now offers Flex Space and Desk Reservation features within their complete smart building technology solution.

“It’s vital to rethink how building space is purposed and respond to changing needs for a desirable workplace,” said Thru Shivakumar, Cohesion’s CEO and Co-Founder. “By providing the new convenience of these features, we accelerate the innovation we’re seeing demand for – making the work environment adjust to employees, rather than employees needing to adjust to their work environment.”

According to CBRE’s Occupier Sentiment Survey, corporate real estate executives with U.S. office portfolios anticipate needing 63% more hot desking and flex spaces in their buildings. It highlights 80% of large employer’s desire for shared meeting spaces and another 75% who feel flexible open space should be provided within their building.

Buildings equipped with our new Desk Reservation feature are poised to offer users the opportunity to seamlessly reserve desks when they come to work. This provides them maximum flexibility with reservations on-the-go from their phone, and ensures they have a dedicated spot with all the equipment needed upon arrival. By booking through an interactive floor plan or listing view, employees have the ability to search and filter for their desired desk based on the location in the office and proximity to coworkers. This promotes increased collaboration, productivity and employee satisfaction.

Administrators have complete customization to configure the space by floor, section, or team function based on their needs and embed a floor map to help employees book spaces that are near colleagues and foster more collaborative and social working environments. Administrators also can indefinitely assign desks and authorize access to booking certain spaces based on role, company, or other factors.

Benefits of Cohesion’s Flex Space and Desk Reservations

Increased collaboration: Search from list or floorplan views to discover spaces or desks that are available. See people with reservations and reserve a spot next to teammates to collaborate with. Know the spaces and desks have the right features and equipment for the job.

Reserve from anywhere: Make reservations on the go from anywhere through the phone app or desktop. Know you have a dedicated spot with the amenities and technology needed to be productive.

Full digital experience: We understand there is a lot more that goes into a creating a complete flexible workplace experience. With a collection of other features in the Cohesion platform, users get touchless access to parking, building, elevators and suites – all through their own smart phones. With our technology, employees are also able to:

  • Book parking with one click and avoid the hassle of fighting for a downtown parking spot
  • Touchless Mobile Keycard grants access the building, elevator, and suite through your mobile phone to easily get to your booked space
  • Reserve a conference room to hold an important team meeting while you’re in the office
  • Discover the perfect location for a post-work team event near the building

Increased revenue streams and building engagement across the portfolio: Provide a one-click booking experience for desk reservations and flex spaces to allow maximum flexibility for your workforce. Maximize the engagement and occupancy in your buildings by matching unused space with tenant or employee needs and activate spaces like never before.

Space utilization and occupancy tracking: Track granular usage of space and desking needs to inform capital investment decisions and objectively optimize operating expenditure,  based on space usage and engagement. Data from bookings and reservations shows a more detailed picture of who uses your spaces, what they need now and how you can optimize your spaces.

Insights to inform CAPEX and OPEX decisions: As workforces are becoming more malleable, it is important to understand trends of space usage to make informed capital investment decisions. Cohesion provides an insights dashboard that gives you granular space engagement and usage analytics to intimately understand space usage by knowing:

  • How often certain amenity spaces are being used
  • Which functions or employee groups are using spaces the most
  • Which offices or flex space areas have the highest utilization
  • What the trending needs are for future space development decisions

As the world adapts to the changing demands for flexibility in the workplace, managers need tools to that offer efficiency to the rotating in-office resources – whether its people, spaces or desks. With Cohesion’s Flex Space and Desk Reservations systems, you can provide the flexible needs of today’s organizations and ensure your buildings and workplaces are set for success.

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