Enhance Tenant Experience with Smarter Building Amenities

Cohesion Enhance Tenant Experience with Smarter Building Amenities

Tenant Expectations Have Changed

The pandemic has accelerated technology in virtually every aspect of our lives. Touchless, self-service, on-demand and automated service models transformed nearly every aspect of our collective work-from-home and domestic lifestyles. As workers are preparing to return to the office, forward-looking building owners are hoping enhanced amenities will be a powerful draw to bring workers back. Thankfully, the newest generation of smart building technologies are coming online to help commercial real estate owners and create the most up-to-date and engaging environment.

Lifestyle is the New Workstyle

Even prior to the pandemic, the trend toward hospitality- and concierge-style services and amenities in commercial properties was an undeniable and increasing trend. Whether it is shared exercise facilities, co-working spaces, conference rooms, or in-building dining or retail, tenants increasingly demand access to amenities that help them more efficiently and seamlessly navigate between work time and personal time.

Demand for Amenities is Driving Demand for Smarter Tools

Historically, every new shared amenity offered meant an increased level of complexity for building operators and tenants, alike—managing reservations, handling custom setups, checking equipment availability. Thankfully, there’s a new generation of digital tools available to make it easier than ever for everyone to take advantage of everything a building offers:

  • Access, reserve and configure. Instantly. From anywhere. A mobile device is all that’s needed to know what’s available, gain access, make reservations, choose a custom room setup, and even arrange catering. No spending time on multiple phone calls or making unnecessary trips to the office.
Browse the amenities page on a mobile phone and the information available to a user when they click on an amenity.
Browse the amenities page on a mobile phone and the information available to a user when they click on an amenity.

Cohesion’s smart building platform makes it easy to reserve and access amenities throughout your building – all through your mobile device.

  • Streamline payments and billing. The same mobile application can connect directly to the building’s invoicing and payment processing system—streamlining estimating and billing for operators and tenants.
  • Evaluate R.O.I. By vertically integrating access, management and payments, a smart building platform can help owners and operators easily understand how each amenity is used and valued by tenants, and how each contributes to the bottom line.

A Great Experience is the Best Amenity

Managing building amenities with a smart building platform like Cohesion can dramatically enhance tenant experience and deliver a smarter, healthier and more engaging return to work. Request a demo to learn how.

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