Environmental, Social and Governance Reporting: A Way for Building Operators to Communicate Value

Environmental, Social and Governance Reporting A Way for Building Operators to Communicate Value

Building operators play an important role in managing a property. They serve as a liaison between tenants, building owners and the building itself. It is the operator’s job to ensure everything is running smoothly day-to-day, then share the good (hopefully) news with the property owner behind the scenes.

Building owners are seeking ways to communicate and highlight the building’s competitive value within the real estate market. This goal becomes one of the highest priorities for building operators.

Sustainability initiatives are a great way to meet the building owner’s goals of increasing property value and aligning their initiatives with a climate friendly future. With proptech integrations such as Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reports, building operators can identify and manage a building’s environmental impact and make important adjustments to improve its functionality. Cohesion’s ESG reports are extremely helpful for operators as it presents information via monthly snapshots. Unlike other environmental reporting tools, our snapshots are easy to understand for a broader set of stakeholders and reduce time and money spent by eliminating the need to hire third-party data sources.

Through essential data collection, ESG reports present a lot of comprehensive information. Building health metrics such as energy use, waste, transportation and community engagement can all be gathered and analyzed through our ESG reports. This is the same building data on the Cohesion platform that can trigger autonomous actions, such as optimizing indoor air quality (IAQ) by increasing airflow if pollutants start to rise.

Environmentally efficient buildings are very sought after by owners because they significantly increase ROI. Once these ESG initiatives are put into place, building operators can monitor their progress and collect all the relevant data needed to receive environmental and healthy building certifications – important awards in the eyes of tenant organizations and investors alike. This may encourage managers and owners to continue their sustainable strategies and receive more certifications in the future.

Sustainable initiatives and certifications can attract and retain tenants. For example, a company that has publicly announced its eco-friendly values will surely want to find an office space that shares those same beliefs. If this company sees that your building has energy saving features and cares about the carbon footprint, the company may be more incentivized to rent out the workspace.

Through green smart building technology features, such as ESG reports, operators are better enabled to keep a building healthy and valuable.

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