How Smart Building Technology is Impacting the Future of CRE

Coheshion Smart Building Technology is Impacting the Future of CRE

Imagine a building that optimizes its air quality based on occupancy in the building. Or a building that automatically unlocks the doors as you enter or exit without pulling out a fob or key.

Smart buildings integrate technology to increase asset performance, reduce environmental footprint, and enhance tenant experiences. Building management can operate more efficiently by digitizing processes to eliminate manual workstreams, and tenants benefit from a high-end experience including touchless controls like a mobile keycard and in-app elevator call button.

All of this and more is enabled with smart building technology that is powered by a network of connected devices. According to a report from Deloitte on smart buildings, the Internet of Things (IoT) is a suite of technologies and applications that equip devices and locations to generate all kinds of information. It connects those devices and locations for instant data analysis and “smart” actions. This same report states that the CRE industry is uniquely positioned to use IoT-enabled devices to make building performance more efficient and use sensor-generated data to enhance building user experience.

Cohesion enables tenants, operators, and owners to interact seamlessly with the places, spaces, systems, assets, resources, and communities of their office building for greater productivity and connectivity. Buildings have an enormous amount of latent data in various disparate building systems. By integrating IoT devices, like sensors and beacons, with building systems and human actions in a single platform, Cohesion’s comprehensive intelligent building platform uses the power of data to reduce expenses and increase asset value. The power of this intelligence could be used to predict how buildings can weather different crises – be it financial, social, economic, health, or environmental.

Let’s discuss how Cohesion’s IoT-enabled platform benefits building operations to make them truly smart and connected.

1. Improve Air Quality

With the introduction of Vayu by Cohesion, a comprehensive indoor air quality optimization program, sensors can capture real-time air quality metrics and Cohesion’s AI-driven program autonomously mitigates harmful air pollutants. Additionally, building occupants have instant transparency of building health. The program leverages direct integrations to connect with building systems to automatically adjust airflow in spaces when pollutants rise. Vayu defines a new standard for optimizing air quality inside office buildings to promote a greater sense of wellness and productivity for all building occupants.

2. Enable Touchless Access

By integrating with card readers and access control systems, Cohesion enables a mobile keycard to provide touchless access to a building’s elevators, doors, turnstiles, and tenant spaces. This provides a safer experience for building tenants and visitors by reducing physical contact with surfaces. It enhances security, as it is easier to lose a keycard than one’s phone. It also improves building operations by offering self-service tools to tenants, and gives a high-end experience for tenants and their guests.

3. Simplify Amenity Reservations

Through the platform, tenants are able to find and reserve amenities such as a conference room, lounge area, or a hot desk before going into the office. Tenants can pay for reservations directly in the app, giving them transparency to what they’re being charged for. Users have a permission-based ability to make amenity requests while building staff can approve or decline with comments.

4. Enhance Security

The Cohesion platform is built around role-based permissions. Building staff manages role creation, and designated tenants manage their individual users according to their needs. Within the platform, roles are designed with permissions that are commensurate with staff and tenant user responsibilities. Roles are then assigned to users to access building resources, systems, and platform features. Adding and removing users is done digitally, meaning less administrative work for the property management team and enhanced security.

5. Operate Efficiently

Cohesion’s IoT-enabled platform enables owners and operators to automate processes and view actionable insights. From amenity reservations and scheduling HVAC to maintenance management and in-house integrations, Cohesion enables you to reduce costs, simplify technology by leveraging existing systems, and exceeds sustainability goals by optimizing energy utilization.

6. View Actionable Insights

Perhaps the most powerful aspect of the Cohesion platform is the data and insights collected from building systems, IoT devices, smart building experience app, environmental factors, and anonymized human actions. Holistic data and non-siloed insights are the biggest differentiator in real estate, and enables owners and operators to create better building outcomes. Insights from the platform enable leasing decisions, enhanced building health, transparency to finance and budgeting, better operational performance, and a green building.

True integration of building systems with human actions and external factors unlocks building intelligence to reduce expenses and increase asset value. Are you ready to launch a truly connected IoT platform in your building? Request a demo from our team to see the Cohesion app in action.

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