How to Improve Wellness in the Workplace

Cohesion How to Improve Wellness in the Workplace

Wellness has become a priority during the pandemic, and it’s here to stay. Property owners and operators should take note of this trend as tenants return to the office and encourage healthy lifestyle options to your building community. This demonstrates not only that you care for tenants’ needs but also increases productivity in the workplace. In fact, Harvard found that for every dollar spent on employee wellness, absenteeism drops $2.73, which is a great return on investment. Gensler’s research also reveals that office spaces that offer mobility options – such as working outdoors or outside from their desks – allows employees to perform best in the workplace.

So, does your property promote workplace wellness?

Smart building technology is a key component to improving workplace wellness. We’ve written at length about how an integrated platform enables touchless controls and improves indoor air quality. Our smart building platform also integrates with MindBody to promote health and wellness by enabling easy access to fitness options as people return to the office. Below we discuss how this enables a healthy lifestyle for your community.

Make Fitness Classes Easy to Access

As people transition to a new normal upon returning to the office, convenience will be key for finding fitness classes that fit their schedule. An integrated smart building platform gives easy access to classes available and enables quick reservations through your phone. View the information of your selected class at-a-glance, including the time, location, and a description of the class. After booking the class, you will receive notifications to remind you of those classes you signed up for.

Introduce a Workplace Wellness Regime

For the busy worker who doesn’t have time to browse fitness classes, a smart building platform will populate with classes available around you so that you can pick a class that’s convenient to you, which may be something you wouldn’t have otherwise tried.

Connect with the Fitness Community

Integrating fitness classes into your building app gives tenants a new way to connect with others who have similar wellness goals. It’s an opportunity for coworkers to attend a class together or for individuals to cross paths with others who have a common interest while meeting individual fitness goals.

Cohesion’s smart building platform offers a way to easily access fitness classes within a building, all while improving overall workplace wellness. Through the Cohesion app, tenants can schedule classes to their liking and explore new workouts that they may not have known about. All information is streamlined and easy to access from one building app. Not only does this make tenants’ lives easier, but it allows buildings to improve workplace wellness.

If you’d like to learn more about our fitness module, feel free to schedule a demo with our team.

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