How to Increase Awareness and Efficiently Manage Vendors within Your CRE Buildings

Cohesion How to Increase Awareness and Efficiently Manage Vendors within Your CRE Buildings

There’s a lot of activity to monitor in an office building. Not only are employees and management coming in and out of the building every day, but guests and vendors are also checking in, which means they need to be identified and documented to ensure safety and accuracy.

Cohesion’s vendor management system manages guests from third party companies that are providing a service for the building or tenants. Designated users can validate the company, identify the person, check each vendor’s Certificate of Insurance (COI), and file information in the activity log all within our vendor management feature.

For example, a building may be undergoing an extensive construction process that requires electrical and general contractors. Before contractors may begin working, they need to check in with the front desk and secure all paperwork and credentials. Instead of manually writing or entering this essential information, building security can seamlessly identify the person and company through the app, and check their insurance coverage to secure legal information which is crucial in the vendor check-in process. This information is stored so it is unnecessary to produce on future visits.

If you ask any building operator, they will explain the importance of COIs. A COI is a summary and verification of a business’ insurance coverage, usually presented in a single-page PDF. What is typically a long back-and-forth process between vendors and building staff is now simplified with our system.

Benefits of our vendor management system include:

  • Preempting expiring or incomplete COI information through automated expiration notifications and COI detail tracking
  • Organizing vendor work and building access by having transparency of upcoming vendor activity in your building
  • Coordinating building staff by having one platform to communicate between building management, security and dock workers

Documenting and recording all visitors are also important in the vendor management process. With our activity log, building management and security can easily track past, present and future vendors to ensure organization and safety. If an incident were to happen, building management would have quick access to visitor records. Cohesion users also have the ability to set up recurring vendors, which saves time and reduces errors in the documentation.

With hundreds of employees and guests checking into a single office building per day, things can get chaotic for management and security teams. Surprisingly enough, many visitor/vendor management systems are currently handwritten by front desk personnel or tracked on a spreadsheet – both time consuming and easy to tamper with. Through vendor management systems like Cohesion, building management and security can save hours per day in manual entry time, and instead, easily document and track all information on our smart building platform. Contact us today to learn more.

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