How to Use CMMS Software to Upgrade Your Property Maintenance

Cohesion CMMS Software to Upgrade Your Property Maintenance

It’s no surprise that commercial property managers have a lot on their plate. They carry the responsibility of operating and maintaining the functions of their buildings. This includes overseeing everyday tasks, amenity reservations, maintaining common areas, and signing leases. They also must manage the property’s wear and tear and handle any unexpected emergencies.

Using automated software that integrates all building systems into a single platform that streamlines workflows is a simple way to upgrade your property maintenance management while simplifying day-to-day operations. A comprehensive computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) software gives you the tools for preventative maintenance as well as notifications in real-time when issues arise.

CMMS is software that streamlines building operations and manages assets so that the building runs with maximum efficiency. The CMMS software’s core is its database. It uses a data model that allows for building asset information to be organized.

In the commercial real estate industry, CMMS software enables commercial property owners to schedule work orders, manage vendors, execute preventative maintenance, and more. This software enables commercial real estate property managers to operate and maintain their facilities in a premium yet cost-effective way.

Below, we’ll discuss the important functions of the CMMS software.

Service Requests

Cohesion offers full native functionality of service requests with a user experience that goes above and beyond. Tenants submit a work order request with attachments while staff receives a notification and can update statuses or add comments. Select on-duty staff is notified of new requests and work is assigned based on the labor type needed to complete the work. If a service request has not been acknowledged and/or completed after a set amount of time, management can elect to receive an escalation notification. Property managers can monitor team performance and identify any systems or tenant-specific issues through a maintenance management dashboard.

Maintenance Billing

Track your building systems and avoid costly maintenance with real-time monitoring and AI-assisted alerts. Based on building-defined pricing and processes, property managers can configure estimated material costs and labor hours for billable requests. Tenants can view estimated costs prior to submitting the request while staff can update a quote, request approval, and input final costs after the work is completed. Tenants are billed automatically for any service request costs via integration to the accounting software.

Asset tracking

Cohesion’s IoT platform pairs real-time monitoring with automated requests and performance trends with preventative maintenance schedules. The platform captures all information about equipment purchases, warranty, and service information in one place, including repairs and preventative maintenance. Equipment performance is also monitored in real-time and automated service requests are generated in the case of performance anomalies. Predictive maintenance is enabled by leveraging data from continuous monitoring and fault detection. The platform also optimizes for energy consumption by assets to reach new levels of sustainability.

Vendor Management

Streamline your vendor management with a digital process that increases security. Digitizing your vendor management with CMMS software can allow you to easily submit vendor requests, manage certificates of insurance (COI), improve your security check-in flow, and automatically view your approved vendor lists. Tenants can now submit a request for vendor visits with an automated COI check and building managers can easily coordinate the time of their visit and any other logistics. Security is at the forefront with its ability to show lists of vendors who have approval and compliance with COI.

Incident Reporting

Collect incident reporting information and consider external factors like weather, cleaning schedules, or equipment issues to mitigate risk with intelligence. CMMS software allows you to collect and provide all the information needed during an incident, track its status, and prevent any other risky scenarios to occur in the building.

Cohesion’s smart building platform provides an end-to-end property management functionality to provide occupants and operators the simplest way to submit, track, and complete work orders. In addition to our native platform capabilities, we can also integrate with the existing CMMS in a building to keep work order data, workflows, and payments in sync. Property managers have visibility into robust insights while ensuring effective operations, efficient systems, and exceptional service.

If you’d like to learn more about Cohesion’s CMMS software and how it can upgrade property maintenance, request a demo with our team.

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