June Updates: Strengthening the Core

Cohesion Smart Building Technology

Our new polling feature enhances communication between property managers and tenants.

This month, we focused on a lot of great core functionality.

Offline Sensor Alerts

IoT and sensor technology are the new nervous system for commercial buildings, so if data anomalies occur or data stops flowing altogether, time to respond is critical.

That’s why we created our new fault detection system and launched our first feature to use it, Offline Sensor Alerts. Now when something like an indoor air quality sensor goes offline for any reason, Cohesion generates alerts that inform the necessary stakeholders about what, where, and when that sensor stopped communicating—and the system continues to send periodic updates until that sensor is functioning normally.

A New Access Control Integration

The Cohesion Access Control integration has added a Netbox by LenelS2 integration to our building access ecosystem. Customers that use Netbox to manage their building access control will receive the full-featured benefits of the Cohesion touchless access and mobile keycard capabilities.

A New Parking Integration: Arrive

For our customers with on-premise, third-party-managed parking garages, we built a new friction-free way to quickly and easily book convenient, economical parking, right in the Cohesion app, via integration with Arrive.

New Polling Feature

And finally, we completed our new Polling feature. Now, building managers can quickly and easily create, schedule, and launch polls to tenants or staff, plus collect and tabulate responses in real-time—all within the Cohesion platform.

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