Leverage Live Chat Features to Create a Better User Experience for New Technology Adoption

We’ve all experienced the frustration of being on hold with customer service. Calling that dreadful 1-800-number is usually a waste of...
Cohesion dashboard on a laptop with a chat box, calendar, and weather.

We’ve all experienced the frustration of being on hold with customer service. Calling that dreadful 1-800-number is usually a waste of time that we all want to avoid. From struggling to find the correct extension number, to being put on hold for 30 minutes, trust in a business can be diminished and customers are lost.

With significant technological advancements made in the past few years, you would think the customer service experience would be a breeze within the technology industry – unfortunately not all companies are there. As a SaaS startup, we at Cohesion believe our customers’ expectations should be higher than ever. This not only applies to our product, but also the service we provide.

To offer the most efficient and satisfactory customer service experience possible, we have implemented a new Live Chat integration on our app that allows Cohesion users to instantly connect with our Customer Success team. Through Live Chatting, users can easily ask a member of our team questions they may have about the app and receive a rapid response. Self-help articles are also available to quickly learn more about the app and answer further questions.

Instead of interacting with a faulty automated response system, users share their questions and concerns with product experts who understand all areas of our platform. Waiting on the phone is never an issue with our help center capabilities and we have an impressive response time of fewer than five minutes.

Common within the industry, most customer interactions happen between building operators, not the individuals with questions which elongate the problem-resolution process. By engaging in a live chat, building owners no longer serve as the only connection between employees and Cohesion. This saves time and ensures accuracy.

“This is a big breakthrough in serving our user-base,” says Darcy Bonner, Director of Customer Success at Cohesion. “Live chatting allows us direct access to tenant managers and users. It opens the channel to speak with real human beings to build trust and confidence in the platform and, ultimately, an incredible user experience.”

Not only does live chatting positively impact our customers, but it also helps our smart building platform operate more efficiently as we record and report any queries or issues to our Product and Engineering Teams. We use these conversations as valuable feedback to make any updates and mitigate future complications or inconsistencies.

Providing the best service and user experience with the Cohesion app is very important to us. While it may be common for other companies to install their services and leave, we have a team dedicated to ongoing and continuous support for all stakeholders and users of our system. Meaningful connections and efficient problem-solving practices allow us to elevate tenant experiences and transform commercial real estate buildings into an efficient and modern space for greater tenant retention and acquisition.


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