Looking Back on a Groundbreaking 2021

Cohesion Smart Building Technology Commercial Real Estate

It’s easy to think great companies are built on great ideas. But the truth is, great ideas are just the beginning. Bringing a truly disruptive concept to life comes from working harder and smarter to bring that concept to market in a more desirable, feasible, and sustainable way. Looking at what our teams accomplished in 2021, there’s no question we built that. But more importantly, we built a foundation for even more great things to come.

We Launched 15 Major New Features

From the industry’s first in-app touchless elevator call button to an entirely new mobile user experience, in-app fitness class scheduling, autonomous indoor air quality monitoring and mitigation for all major contaminant groups, occupancy and tenant insights reports, simplified ESG reporting, service request billing, visitor watchlists, time-based clearances, date query tool, and more, Cohesion continued to set new standards for what’s possible.

We Completed 23 New Technology Integrations

What sets Cohesion apart is our deep integrations with building systems. In 2021 we completed 23 major technology integrations and became certified global technology partners with more than five system providers. Access control systems and card readers, visitor management systems, maintenance management and service requests, elevator controls, IoT sensors, analytics platforms, BMS and BAS systems and controllers, and more—all accessible or controllable, natively, in in desktop or mobile.

Looking ahead to an amazing 2022.

From the platform and features we’ve built to date, to the innovations we have planned for the coming year and beyond, our platform has and will always empower real estate owners to increase portfolio value through connected building systems, enhance tenant experiences, and deliver actionable insights​. As we continue in 2022 to build exceptional technical capabilities and unrivaled experiences, you can be sure that everything Cohesion creates will continue to help owners reduce costs, build stronger tenant relationships, better visualize building data, and increase operational efficiency through more autonomous controls. All in a time when managing a building’s bottom line is more important than ever.

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