Make Your Commute Easier with Integrated Technology

Cohesion Smart Building Technology Make Your Commute Easier with Integrated Technology

No matter the size of the city, commuting to and from the workplace can be aggravating. Impromptu obstacles like train delays, inclement weather and increasing traffic can be a less than ideal start or end to the day. In fact, 50% of respondents of our Voice of the Employee, Winter 2021/2022 survey said they was one of the top reasons they liked a hybrid work environment.

While our smartphone app cannot control the weather or a crowded parking area, we can offer valuable information that will make your commute smoother and more efficient. Our platform is localized to a user’s city and gives them timely and pertinent information needed for their commute, including weather and public transportation options.

According to The U.S. Census Bureau, 70% of the nation’s public transportation commuters live in or near big cities. With Cohesion, this massive population of city transit riders can locate the nearest modes of transportation and view departure times to immediately determine which route is best for them. These public transit options include trains, buses or bike sharing services.

Imagine you’ve stayed at the office later than usual and missed the 5:00 p.m. train. You may be unfamiliar with the evening schedule and need to consider alternate options. By simply checking Cohesion’s transit feature, you will quickly see the next available option and plan your trip home accordingly. We also report current weather conditions at your office by pinpointing the exact latitude and longitude coordinates of your office building, keeping you informed on how your commute may be affected.

Additionally, our platform seamlessly integrates with an office building’s calendar to provide full transparency on events, notices or promotions. This way, Cohesion users can plan their route ahead of time if they are attending building or local community events.

For those who drive to work, traffic and parking can be a daunting part of the workday. With Cohesion, arriving at the office becomes more efficient and anxiety-free, as our app grants access to a building’s parking structure, giving you easy entry to an assigned spot.

As a more cost-effective, environmentally friendly alternative, cycling to work has become a hot commodity. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, about 870,000 people in the U.S. cycling to work. This number has nearly doubled over the past two decades – which means cities are accommodating bikers’ needs. Our instantaneous bike parking feature offers several options that make cycling to the office more convenient. Once a bike is registered through the app, user can choose from various parking options, like one-time reservations, monthly and yearly subscriptions which removes time wasted trying to find a bike rack.

In larger cities, nearby bike/scooter sharing services, like Lime E-scooters in Chicago or Citi Bikes in New York City, are also displayed in our transit integrations. Simply check the app to locate the available options.

Through live updates and easily accessible information, your daily commute can be more efficient and relaxed with integrated technology.

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