March Updates: Smart new tools that will get people talking!

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Cohesion takes pride in making functional intuitive technology that “just works” for building owners, managers, and tenants. But even with the best tools, everybody needs a little help sometimes. That’s why we’re excited to announce the rollout of live chat support on the Cohesion platform. Now answers to your most important questions are a chat away. And for those who prefer to self-serve their support questions, also native to our chat functionality is searchable access to a growing library of quick reference guide PDFs, right within the chat window!

Our new Vendor Management calendar view joins the standard manifest list view to give building operators a quick visual reference for which vendors are coming and going, and when. It’s an extremely valuable tool for buildings with a high volume of contractor and vendor traffic, and limited space on the loading docks. Potential scheduling bottlenecks can be spotted virtually instantaneously and, hopefully, avoided.

Our new Service Requests configuration panel delivers a 10x improvement in efficiency when onboarding new buildings or creating custom configuration profiles. That improvement is the direct result of both back-end system upgrades and smart interface enhancements. It even supports bulk updates to configuration changes. Now that’s service!

We’ve even enhanced our industry leading in-app elevator call button, adding, where available, new user home floor support in access control. Now, when you swipe in using your Cohesion mobile app, the building access control system can pass your home floor directly to the elevator system’s destination dispatch, creating the shortest most friction-free path between the building entrance and your office suite.

And you can be sure, as we enter Q2, our Product and Engineering teams are gearing up to deliver some of our most innovative and exciting new features, feature enhancements, and automations, ever. Stay tuned!


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