November: New Products. New Integrations.

Cohesion November 2021 New Products. New Integrations.

Building deeper connections to the built world

At Cohesion, we understand that every technology integration we craft expands our ability to provide engaging experiences and healthy environments for tenants, and the most efficient operations for owners and operators. This month, we are excited to launch exciting new platform integrations and product updates that take us further.

Delivering an expert touch on touchless access

Our teams are continuously expanding and improving our integrations with leading access control systems. This month we are excited to launch access control integrations with Siemens SiPass, and AMAG technologies. We also expanded our visitor management Integration library with Blub0x. Combined with our industry leading, in-app elevator call button, these deep integrations make our unmatched touchless experience possible from the lobby to the suite.

Streamlining Operations

Creating more streamlined operational workflows is core to our mission. So, we are always expanding the functionality available within the platform. This month, we launched enhanced billing functionality within our service requests module. We made it simpler for operators and managers to create and deliver detailed invoicing based on completed requests. It works natively in our platform or can be seamlessly integrated with most major CMMS platforms.

Another great enhancement available this month in our vendor management tools makes it easier than ever to set up and manage recurring vendor visits. Quickly set up recurring visits daily, weekly, monthly, or virtually any period in between, at any time of day. You can edit, update, or delete a single occurrence or the entire series of appointments. It’s easy and flexible.

Providing New Insights

In today’s commercial real estate environment, understanding how tenants are using and engaging with the building and its amenities are critical for making informed business decisions. Cohesions’ new Tenant Engagement Insights report gives owners and operators detailed understanding of how many tenant employees are accessing the building, how many service requests are being generated by type, hours and types of amenity usage, average weekly and daily occupancy levels and total visitors—all tracked at the building level and by individual tenant.

Investors, lenders, building owners, asset managers, and tenants all benefit from Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives. A strong ESG program can result in reduced energy costs for tenants, lower operating costs for owners and managers, and significant increases in tenant occupancy and retention rates. Everybody wins. That’s why we’re so excited about our new ESG Snapshot. Cohesion provides owner operators with an automated reporting tool, based on live data from our platform, verified external building data and a few simple inputs from building management. What once was an expensive proposition to generate at the building level is now just a few clicks away. Read more about our new ESG reporting capabilities here.

Enhancing Tenant Health and Wellness

Beyond addressing important health concerns, maintaining good indoor air quality has been shown to provide up to $6,500 increase in productivity, per employee, and reduced absenteeism.(1) That’s why we are always looking to maximize the impact we can have on this critical aspect of building health. To that end, this month, Cohesion expanded the range of pollutants in our Indoor Air Quality mitigation program. The Cohesion platform now leverages deep integrations with building environmental systems and IoT air quality monitors to detect and mitigate sustained high levels of CO2, TVOCs, and particulates.

We also expanded our health and wellness feature set and launched a new Fitness reservations module with a seamless integration with MindBody, the leading experience technology platform for the fitness, wellness, and beauty industries. Now it’s easier than ever for building tenants and staff to find, engage, and transact with wellness and fitness providers in their buildings and through virtual classes, directly in the Cohesion app.

Interested in learning more about Cohesion’s new features? Schedule a demo with the team to see our smart building platform in action.


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