cohesion equips owners and operators with the intelligence to optimize buildings and apply learnings portfolio-wide

our patents-pending digital twin

is a virtual simulation of what is happening

in and around your property - including

building systems, human actions, and

external factors like weather.

our breakthrough SaaS platform is comprehensive and future-proof

as a result of deep integrations - our digital

twin collects extensive, holistic data about

building systems and space utilization.

our digital twin uncovers intelligent

actions for owners and operators to

increase asset value.  it also optimizes

building systems - forging the path to

autonomous buildings.

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connected operations

building access control | visitor management | mobile keycard | multiple building access

maintenance management | create, assign + manage service requests | preventative maintenance | labor scheduling

temperature | HVAC control | HVAC scheduling | after hours HVAC requests

document management | centralized document storage | warranty + certificate tracking

transportation | car + bike parking | transit information

curated on-boarding | roles + user management | tenant on-boarding

connected community

communications | mass notifications | contact management | polling

building calendar | events, promotions + announcements | digital signage

nearby | fitness + wellness | food + retail | local weather | social media feeds

amenity reservations | amenity list, information + calendar | reserve + approve

actionable intelligence

occupancy + utilization | space utilization | building utilization  | amenity usage + ROI

air quality + temperature | pre-conditioning HVAC | air quality detection + adjustment

portfolio management

digital twin | virtual simulation of operations that influence a building | building systems, human actions + external factors

tenant engagement

utility management | utility usage | energy performance

systems performance | fault detection | predictive maintenance | predictive labor scheduling