Our platform is hardware agnostic, making it flexible to address current and future technology trends and marketplace needs

Our platform connects with building systems and IoT devices, building software and business applications

Our product's comprehensive collection features focus on three main areas: smart building operations, tenant engagement and portfolio analytics

For Owners

For Operators

For Tenants

Our product features user-defined functionality for secure actions and insights

Reduced building response time

Optimize amenity offerings

Increase staff efficiency

Automate building services

Improve safety and security

Deliver adaptable & flexible workspace

Streamline communications

Reduce utility consumption

Our platform creates optimized workflows between systems and perform edge analytics at a building or portfolio scale

Our platform communicates with every major building data source of people and systems, powering a complete analytics engine

Our product's comprehensive features create greater value for all key stakeholders across the built ecosystem

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Our platform solutions provide full interoperability and actionable insights that benefit all key stakeholders.

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