Rapid Integrations for Efficient Building Access

Cohesion Smart Building Technology Rapid Integrations for Efficient Building Access

Modern day technology has increased the demand for fast, convenient efficiency. We can do pretty much anything on our mobile devices like order food, pay bills, or call a ride home. So why shouldn’t the workplace be just as digitally capable, if not more?

With this demand in mind, building owners are implementing new technology into building systems to make the operations safe, touchless and as convenient as possible. Tenants are starting to return to the office, so these feature integrations need to be quickly implemented into smart building technology – without shoddy patches or workarounds as this results in technology frustration from loss of usage.

The experts at Cohesion can implement native, in-house integrations in rapid fashion. They integrated the Siemen’s SiPass Access Control System into the Cohesion platform and customer’s app in four weeks including two weeks of development time and two weeks of vendor/ client relations. This innovative integration makes office access easier than ever. With the simple use of Cohesion’s mobile app, property management staff and designated tenants have the ability to use their phone’s Bluetooth technology to access common space entrances, doors, and kiosks. It also allows visitors to do the same via a QR code that they receive in an email.

SiPass is unique because it gives tenants more control than ever before. Previously, building operations teams were tasked with most access responsibilities, but now tenant managers can add/edit/delete building access credentials such as key cards and visitor management. Cohesion’s platform also offers data and trends of visitor needs, allowing fast reporting and data-driven decisions on staffing needs based on when more people are coming.

To make things even better, the SiPass Access Control System is simple to integrate. Building owners simply provide API keys/production URLS and purchase a Bluetooth enabled reader to communicate with the Cohesion app.

To begin using our SiPass integration, designated tenants and managers will receive an invitation via email. Then, they simply create a username/password, download the app and begin using.

Users can register visitors along with time intervals so they will only be granted access to the building when and where they need it. An email is sent to them with a QR code prior to their arrival. Once they scan the QR code in the lobby, notifications will be sent to the host where they can then enter their designated floor. This simplifies workflow as security will not need to register and screen each visitor.

Access Control Systems like SiPass drastically reduce workload on building security and lobby staff. It is extremely simple and can be accessed on the go from anywhere – no need to be in the building. With Cohesion, we can integrate these features quickly and efficiently to make return to office plans more convenient and efficient for staff, tenants and visitors.

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