Smart Building Integrations: The Future of CRE

Cohesion Smart Building Integrations The Future of CRE

With so many digital tools on the market, are you confused? We understand how busy property management is; you don’t need another thing on your desk to evaluate. Let us make this simple – you need one digital solution that brings everything together that the tenants, operators, leasing agents, and building owners all can use. Cohesion’s smart building platform works with all your building system vendors and takes everything off your plate. We make smart simple.

What makes a building smart?

A smart building is one that incorporates smart technology such as automated systems, wireless technologies, digital infrastructure, and remote monitoring. Similar to smart home technology, which enables automated systems such as lighting, climate, and appliances, a smart building ties together building systems to optimize the performance of building systems and create seamless experiences for tenants.

Smart Building Operations

By connecting existing systems into an integrated platform, you can increase efficiency and productivity with smart controls.

  • Access control + mobile keycards enable touchless access throughout the building as well as quick and easy credentialing
  • An in-app elevator call button means never touching a dirty elevator button again
  • HVAC controls allow you to view, schedule, and control temperature in the building
  • Visualize space utilization through reservations or occupancy sensing

In addition, an integrated platform allows property managers to streamline manual tasks and reduce spreadsheets used by their operations teams while offering digital tools for tenants.

  • Digital service + maintenance management allows occupants to initiate service and maintenance requests
  • Manage space reservations and availability including amenities and spec suites
  • Manage guest visits, enable self-service access, and receive arrival notifications with visitor management
  • Manage vendors by scheduling and approving building vendor visits as well as digitizing Certificate of Insurance (COI) management
  • Use the document repository to store, manage, and share documents based on permissions
  • Role-based permissions allow operators to manage roles and users of the platform

Our Integrations and Partners

At Cohesion, we don’t outsource integrations. Our solutions engineering team consults directly with your vendors to create the best outcomes.

Where vendors try to get more money from you, we help you negotiate. By speaking the language of your vendors, we help you save.

We create deep integrations where we don’t have relays or hardware solutions as work-around. We do the heavy lifting.

Cohesion has established partnerships in the industry including CMMS, access control, secure connectivity, BMS/BAS, devices, messaging, and fitness. Learn more about Cohesion’s smart building integrations and request a demo from our team.

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