Amenities dashboard on mobile device with info and reservation opportunities

Occupancy + Space utilization

Unlock opportunities for all your spaces

Track and monitor real-time data for your space usage and tenant needs

Space Utilization

Monitor real-time data about how and when your spaces are utilized.

Occupancy Insights

View use of your spaces over time to uncover trends and discover how you can optimize your buildings with demand-driven flex space options.

Occupancy + Space Utilization Dashboard

Experience our interactive dashboard with real-time occupancy data to see how many people are in any space at a given time.

Real-Time Space Usage Evaluation

Evaluate space-specific usage to make informed space reallocation decisions.

The data you need
for the decisions you make

Occupancy Sensors + Beacons

Connect your occupancy sensors and beacons for real-time data on usage for each of your spaces.

Amenity Reservations

Promote your spaces, and simplify the booking process with industry-leading, real-time amenity planning and management technology.

Access Control

See when and where people enter your building with a live view of how many swipes and entries have been made.

Visitor Management

Oversee each visitor in your building, allowing tenants to schedule and manage their visitors with permission-based access to this feature.

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