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Product Updates

What Happened in July?

Popular Features  For Operators: Vendor Management   Track and manage vendor work and associated certificate of insurance (COI) documents to ensure compliance. Receive alerts when documents will expire. Learn More  For

Cohesion Touchless Elevator Call Button
Real Estate Trends

Elevators: We’ve Got an Intelligent App For That

Cohesion’s in-app elevator call button provides a secure, healthy, and premium building experience. As tenants approach an elevator, they can use the Cohesion app to call an elevator without touching

Cohesion Smart Building Technology
Product Updates

June Updates: Strengthening the Core

Our new polling feature enhances communication between property managers and tenants. This month, we focused on a lot of great core functionality. Offline Sensor Alerts IoT and sensor technology are

Cohesion Visitor Management System
Real Estate Trends

3 Key Benefits of a Visitor Management System

Building staff are responsible for handling busy workplaces as people come in and out of their building. A visitor management system is critical to effectively process and track guests. Restricting