We close out the summer, by continuing to lead the industry in holistic data access and integrations

3-dimensional blueprint on city building rooftops.

Deep integrations and data drive the value of every experience and feature in our platform. In August, we’ve developed exciting behind-the-scenes connections to enable new features and enhance functionality.   

Deep access control integrations enables Cohesion to collect, normalize and structure space utilization data into the Occupancy Insights dashboard. This allows the building to have detailed visibility into who is in the building, where people are going, what spaces they are using, and what time of day the building is most busy. We enhanced data integrations and certifications with Lenel S2 NetBox and OnGuard. Also, enhanced the integration with Siemens SiPass access control to deliver real-time, highly flexible visitor arrival notifications.   

Cohesion became a certified partner for the newly-released KONE v2 elevator API. This integration empowers people to seamlessly dispatch an elevator to their home floor directly from their mobile app when arriving at the building.  

Finally, we created a new integration with Butlr occupancy sensors that allows for data export. With occupancy sensors, buildings have access to real-time data about how many people are currently in a space, including exits and entries. Butlr’s solution is an easy-to-use network sensor for various building types. Cohesion provides permissioned, direct access to this data with visual dashboards to give building managers a live view of how their space is being utilized.   

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