Smart Building Technology Making Office Amenities Simple

Cohesion Smart Building Technology Making Office Amenities Simple

The shift to hybrid work models has changed expectations about how workers can and should interface with their workplaces. Landlords and CRE operators have recognized that new, digital tools and workflows that enable remote work and simplify the tenant experience are critical components to return-to-work planning. Across the US, operators are being asked to drive engagement, often with fewer resources, while increasing the hospitality they offer to tenants to differentiate the office experience as a welcoming, collaborative, and highly engaging place to innovate and work. Increasingly, forward-thinking CRE professionals are turning to smart building platforms like Cohesion to solve the challenges of the modern workplace.

We are thrilled to announce that Cohesion has released an enhanced amenity engagement platform that optimizes awareness, utilization, revenue generation, and hospitality.

Activate Amenity Utilization with Digital Tools

Driving adoption and utilization of amenities is a critical objective for asset managers and operators. To maximize ROI (and in many cases revenue generated by) of building amenities like conference centers, fitness centers, bike rooms, etc., ease of use is critical. Cohesion’s smart building platform makes it easy for tenants to view, explore, and engage with building amenities. Conference centers and other reservable spaces can be viewed through Cohesion’s web and mobile platforms. Event management is a hospitality-driven, high-touch experience that should be both delightful and efficient. Cohesion’s visually appealing platform leverages a predictive and conversational model to walk users through the process of amenity selection, reservation, detailing, and payment. By simplifying this workflow and allowing tenants to engage with the building from their phones or home computers, management teams reduce time spent managing event requests and increase their time building deeper relationships with tenants to meet hospitality initiatives.

Take Amenity Activation to The Next Level: Payments, Integrations, and Data

Moving beyond workflows, tenants want flexibility in how they pay for amenity utilization. The Cohesion smart building platform’s amenity reservation tool supports integrated payment solutions for ACH, credit card, and bill-backs to building accounting systems. Cohesion’s enhanced amenity engagement platform now offers buildings the ability to assign booking credits to tenants to allow for controlled amenity utilization without the need for monetary payment.

A key concern of tenants returning to the office is air quality, and this is especially true in common area spaces like amenities. Cohesion leads the industry in indoor air quality (IAQ) and wellness functionality. Our proprietary IAQ monitoring and optimization platform measures and responds to changes in air quality autonomously and in real time. Building managers can share common area IAQ levels with tenants, increasing trust and transparency and reducing the anxiety some may feel about returning to meetings and events. And through integrated work order platforms, service requests, and building staff assistance is just a few pushes of a button away at all times, ensuring high satisfaction.

Finally, asset managers need data to understand the “new normal” building behavior in a post-pandemic environment. The Cohesion platform gives owners and operators unique insights into space utilization and performance metrics to ensure that reservable spaces are activated, engaged, and generating ROI in line with building objectives.

Smart building technology makes accessing your amenities more efficient, direct, and simple. Amenities have always been a differentiator for office buildings but, now more than ever, it is necessary to improve that amenity experience to drive utilization. Ready to make your amenities smarter and simpler with smart building technology? Request a demo to learn how Cohesion enables that.

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