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The World has Changed.
This is Real Estate Adapting.

Don't just modernize, revolutionize your buildings.

The way we interact with the commercial office is evolving. People and how they work are different. Change is here. The opportunity is now 

There’s a once-in-a-lifetime massive shift happening in the commercial real estate industry. Those who come out on top will be the ones who anticipate, adapt and strategically respond to these changes. 

You may have heard several strategies to “modernize” your buildings, but we challenge you to be more strategic and go beyond the lens of today and truly revolutionize your buildings. 

Digitally revolutionizing to future-proof,  ESG-enabled assets is how your buildings will not only survive, but thrive. 

Today's CRE Landscape


increase in rent revenue with healthy building certifications

up to $5/sqf

tax credit incentives introduced in Congress for IAQ monitoring and HVAC updates (Airborne Act)


decrease in C02 emissions target by 2030 in existing buildings


increased investments into smart buildings over the next 7 years

The shortest distance between
building intelligence and opportunity

The Knowledge You Need: Synchronized + Standardized

Your data is only as valuable as how easy it is to understand. We resolve this for you with interactive visual dashboards that are fast and easy to read. Many graphs and charts are customizable so you can compare and contrast numerous data sources and inputs to track trends, create projections and measure live status of feeds.

Gain Holistic insight into Performance and Value

Maintaining and enhancing the value of real estate requires objective understanding of how a building is performing at a systems level as well as how it delivers a truly engaging occupant experience. Cohesion provides the industry’s most comprehensive suite of resources for property owners to assess property performance, improve operations and engage tenants. 

Be The Leader

Cohesion creates an unprecedented opportunity for real estate owners, asset managers, and property management to integrate everybuilding system, operations, and the human experience in a single, powerful data, ESG and occupant experience platform.  

Lead the way in the industry by incorporating the latest critical technology to maintain your competitive edge and increase profitability. 

Prevent your building from becoming a stranded asset by digitally repositioning your assets with technology that includes rich data, visual dashboards and purposeful insights. With this knowledge, you are empowered, not only to make data-driven decisions on immediate challenges, but also review trends to implement smarter, long-term risk-reduction strategies.

Understand Your Assets

Understand what affects your buildings’ people, systems, and infrastructure.

Through a combination of rich data, visual dashboards and purposeful insights, you will understand every relevant aspect of your building systems, operational processes and occupant interactions.

Enhance Decision Making

Cohesion’s ever-expanding patented digital twin technology, data platform, real-time insights and automated ESG reporting makes it simple to future-proof buildings with evergreen technology that increases asset value by improving decision making from portfolio-wide data and insights. 

Automated Reports

Automated ESG Reporting 

The Building ESG Snapshot reports harness data to create a powerful, succinct reporting package. These reports showcase a single property and can be aggregated across an entire portfolio. For most portfolios, it reduces or eliminates the resources needed to aggregate comprehensive building-level data.

Tenant Engagement Report

Tenant Engagement reports track what, when and how people interact with your building and services. This trending data allows you to analyze and allocate proper resources and investment to what will yield the greatest utilization and return.

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We can help owners with increasing revenue by streamlining processes and engaging tenants. We’re able to increase revenue up to $.49 psf by attracting/retaining tenants, introducing new revenue sources through platform programs, and optimizing operational control on revenue streams such as work orders and amenity reservations.

We’ve seen that we’re able to create real cost savings of up to $0.59 psf by consolidating and displacing multiple software systems while removing operational inefficiencies.

We’ve been helping owners & operators mitigate their environmental footprints, optimize air quality, and operationalize their ESG initiatives all in one platform.  We’re able to pull prudent data so that they can compare ESG building-level insights, automate building operations efficiency, & provide complete ESG transparency.  

Our team specifically designed the platform to be scalable across portfolios so owners can easily benchmark and make better decisions on their assets’ energy/sustainability management, operational expenses, and facilities management.

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