Smart Building Solutions

Sustainability and Asset Value​ start with visibility into smart building operations and the tenant experience

Be responsive to the changing landscape

 You carefully orchestrate all the building activities in the background, ensuring every day runs smoothly for the people in your building. Now, it's time you get a digital touch to your operational performance. 

Experience new, digitally streamlined workflows that include automations that reduce your workload and allow you to cover needs from anywhere, anytime. Keep an eye on building activities with live views of occupancy, visitors, vendors, amenity bookings and much more.

World's most advanced features. Developed just for you.

Environmental Controls

Stay Late. Stay comfortable.

Now tenants can schedule after-hours HVAC within their leased space using cohesion. Don’t let too-hot and too-cold calls make your engineering staff too-busy to take care of critical maintenance issues. In-app temperature controls allow tenants to adjust the temperature setpoint at the zone level with predesignated approval workflows. 

  • HVAC Scheduling +Controls 
    Having tenants request extended HVAC scheduling hours within their leased space is simple with Cohesion. A simple, automated service request is all thaye need. Associated information for invoicing is automatically generated. 
    Responding to tenants’ too hot or too cold requests can now be automated. Quick changes to temperature setpoint at the zone level are available with a tap, with predesignated approval workflows.
  • IAQ Monitoring  
    Using integrated sensors, we let you monitor real-time air quality based on various pollutants including TVOCs, particulates, and CO2. 
  • IAQ Optimization 
    Should measures of any monitored pollutant rise above acceptable levels, we actively adjust indoor air quality (IAQ) to optimize tenant comfort through direct integrations to the BAS/ BMS system. 

Touchless Access Control

Touch-Free, Curb to Desk

Walk into the building, tap your phone and walk to your elevator.  Simple.  

Making that happen?  Not so simple. Making that happen regardless of brand, and better than brand?  That’s Really Smart. 

Add and delete cardholders and automatically sync both the system and the reader automatically?  No problem.   

Tell me which elevator to go to, even when the lobby is crowded, and I’m not standing in front of a piece of hardware?  That’s a LOT smarter.   

Built for Integration and Ease of Use

We make entering the building fast and delightful, giving buildings a differentiated arrival experience that reduces touch points and elevates the everyday tasks of keying in and calling an elevator with best-in-class smart controls. 

We sense when you’re close and ready the app opens doors and paves the way–no need to open the app, or reawaken it.  And we don’t use relay boxes or kiosks to hide gaps in our tech.  Ever. With Cohesion, occupants enjoy a fully mobile, touchless, and flawless arrival experience.   

  • Mobile Keycard
    With a simple one-touch setup, users with clearance use their smartphones at key card readers equipped with Bluetooth/NFC radios that are provided by the customer 
  • Unified Mobile Keycard
    Cohesion works with tenant access control administrators to synchronize our mobile credentials with their system for truly seamless access
  • Visitor Access  
    Building visitors are VIPs to the tenants that invite them.  Whether it is scheduling high stakes job candidates or taking delivery of the daily donut fix, the visitor management process reflects not only on the building but on the tenants themselves.  Cohesion gives you an end-to-end visitor management platform that makes the process of inviting and receiving visitors seamless and user-centric.  
  • Visitor Management
    With Cohesion’s access control integrations, visitors enjoy prompt arrival instructions and day-of QR code credentials that show the world that your buildings offer digital amenities to all building occupants.
  • Elevator Call  
    Via direct integration to the elevator management system, occupants seamlessly request elevators via their mobile device   

Digital Operations

  • Vendor Management  
    Vendor management processes in most buildings are fragmented and manual.  Websites, emails, file software, and spreadsheets control most building and vendor information.  Smart buildings leverage Cohesion to digitize processes like document management and vendor visit scheduling and COI management. 
    It’s a powerful yet simple way to let tenants know which vendors are approved to work in the building, and spend less time chasing COIs and more time engaging with tenants  
  • Service Requests  
    Things break. Things spill. Rooms go hot and cold. We get it, but your tenants don’t.  Fast and easy service request submission and resolution are critical to driving tenant satisfaction.   Cohesion offers a fully native service request and preventative maintenance platform that lets owners and operators run their maintenance teams effectively to reduce costly failure events and ensure tenant satisfaction.  For buildings that want to keep their full CMMS platform in place, Cohesion integrates to make the service request is always process simple for tenants.  
  • Documents  
    Designated users upload and manage documents by category. Documents are permission-based— share with tenants, with specific roles, or reserved for management-only. Track and associate critical documents such as contracts, warranties, and Certificates of Insurance directly to assets, or vendors.
  • Roles & Permissions  
    Building management staff manage role creation, and designated tenants can manage their individual users according to their needs.
    Access to every part of our platform and every space in your building is customizable. Grant permissions and access to building resources, systems, and platform features.
  • Asset Inventory  
    Cohesion Digital Twin technology makes it easier than ever to automatically inventory and document every device on your network, map them, assign values like manufacturer, model, and maintenance status, and associate that hardware with the building’s corresponding physical space. Staff can view the list of BACnet-enabled devices, rename devices, and search for specific devices.
  • Payments  
    Digital workflows make controlling payments easy.  Amenity Reservations, service requests, bike parking, and any other payable items flow through Cohesion to drive your ancillary revenue.
  • Preventative Maintenance + Inspections * 
    Generate a custom maintenance protocol and schedule tied to specific assets. Create form-based inspection routines assigned to specific assets or equipment, complete with photo documentation—all within the platform.
  • Accounting Sync (coming soon)
    We make audits and bulk uploads easy by configuring payable item exports to match your accounting software requirements.  Month-end never looked so easy. 


  • Transit + Food + Nearby  
    Whether by car, train, rideshare, or bicycle, the Cohesion platform helps tenants plan their commute and enjoy a welcoming end-of-trip experience.  Users can check all local available modes of public transportation, and bike riders can travel with confidence that their access to the bike storage room will be automatically updated in their mobile key.  The commute can be hard, but cohesion makes planning and completing it simple.

    Eat.  Coffee.  Get things done!. Our Nearby feature lets you easily find in-building and nearby food options, happy hour spots, and the closest places to get your errands completed.

  • VIP Perks + Marketplace Cohesion offers a simple way to create exclusive offers at in-building and nearby retailers, only available for Cohesion users in your building. 


Tenants in Cohesion buildings are always in touch with their property management teams, in the way that works for them.  Users receive mass communications to stay intheknow, and can reach out to management directly from anywhere with the chat platform.  And management teams can stay on top of tenant engagement with our polling functionality.  Cohesion keeps tenants and operators connected like no one else.

  • Building Calendar 
    Stay informed of planned building events, announcements, and promotions.  Designated building staff post content, such as local events, maintenance information, and promotions to the Building Calendar 
  • Events 
    Bring your buildings to life with the Cohesion event and information platform.  Manage tenant facing events with the building calendar, push notifications and promotions directly to curated user groups, and highlight key building information to keep everyone informed. 
  •  Mass Notifications 
    Designated staff send notifications to inform users of building events, general announcements, and emergency alerts. Messages are sent to all or subsets of users and are created dynamically or from templates. Messages are scheduled or sent immediately. Formats include push notifications, SMS text messaging, and e-mail 
  • Feeds  
    Building social accounts are monitored and displayed on the home page dashboard.
  • Polling  
    Staff initiate quick multiple choice or polls to tenants via a popup that’s triggered while they are in the building and using the app. These polls deliver valuable feedback around potential event options, local promotions, etc., to further drive tenant engagement. 
  • RSVP Tracking (coming soon) 
    Improve the planning and execution of every event with RSVP capabilities


Cohesion’s reservations management technology enables operations and tenant management teams to work together to create that great experience for all building occupants. When operations staff know in advance who they’ll be serving, how large the reservation will be, and what amenity is being reserved, they can delight and create an overall amazing experience, not to mention make their own workflows seamless and error free. 

  • Amenities  
    Building amenities are a critical part of driving engagement and creating a culture of hospitality and hosting.  The Cohesion Amenity platform makes scheduling and managing events a truly delightful experience, activating amenities and optimizing revenue and operations teams.  We make payment easy, with multiple options for payments and approval workflows to fit every building’s needs.
    • Simply browse bookable and non-bookable amenities, and view detailed features and photos of the spaces or services. 
    • Designate users and roles who can reserve amenity spaces within the building. 
    • Create automatic buffer times around reservations to ensure adequate time to clean or reset spaces between bookings. 
    • Add services such as equipment rentals, audio/visual rentals, and event operations. 
    • Push reservation information to Crestron display panels. 
    • Quickly reserve an amenity with a simple four-digit code. 
    • Users are provided permission-based ability to view the days and times that different amenities are available for reservation. 
  • Fitness 
    Our integration with MindBody allows occupants to find, view and enroll in classes or reserve fitness equipment in the building fitness center. 
  • Parking
    Cohesion offers native management of in-building parking. We offer executive parkin space management natively, and for buildings with third-party-managed public parking, we integrate with Arrive to3

Actionable Data + Insights

Operational Dashboard

Our Building Insights let managers and owners monitor building systems and assets in near real-time, see historic trends, track occupancy and space utilization, evaluate building operations, and uncover relationships between environmental factors and systems to trigger autonomous actions to optimize performance. This dashboard extends the value of building analytics from observability to opportunity. 

Data Query Tool

Most aggregated platform data, such as billable items related to service requests and amenities, or utilization data related to tenant activity can be queried exported into an easily transferrable CSV format

IAQ Dashboard


ESG Dashboard

An automated and powerful reporting tool that aggregates and showcases ESG efforts for a single property or aggregated across an entire portfolio

Tenant Engagement Report

Gain insights into tenant utilization of the platform, service requests, shared amenities and features.

Occupancy Insights

Measures occupancy based on people and not leases or stacking plans. Occupancy is measured from building access control, occupancy sensors (if available), and visitor management features. It’s a smart way to maintain individual privacy while still measuring the flow of people

Space Utilization Report

Using data available through access control, amenities reservations and occupancy sensors, patterns of space and building occupancy are tracked to facilitate ROI calculation, staffing plans and decision-making.

Implementation + Support

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Our goal is to come into a building, work with your system providers, work with your hard-ware in the building, and make recommendations on trusted providers where you may have questions. Once we go through that process we will then be able to integrate all those things into our platform, so your transition to a smart building has very low capital intensity and is about adding that functionality for your team. We work directly with providers, our team does the integrations, we control the timeline, we control the User Experience, which means you get the best possible outcomes through those integrations.

We are always communicating directly with the integrated system via the interface that is provided by the integrator – API or direct to database. Cohesion’s integrations do not rely on writing a flat file for EDI communication with a system.

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