Product Updates

May Product Updates

What’s new this month at Cohesion: User-based and credential-based clearances. A more efficient and easy way to manage access to all spaces. Management teams can now assign clearances directly to


The Many Faces of Cohesion and Employee Badge in Apple Wallet

“The intuitive user experience that people have when they use our app is a direct result of us ‘drinking our own champagne.’ Not many startups can say that, and we think that’s something special,” says Michael, one of our talented product managers, rightfully nicknamed “The Tester” because of his dedication to understanding the Cohesion experience with the goal of continuous improvement and uncovering new benefits our product can provide to the companies that use it.

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April Product Updates

This month we’re showcasing our latest product updates with a demo video filmed by our VP of Product. Check it out above! What’s new: Reserve Conference Rooms from Microsoft Outlook

Product Updates

March Product Updates

This month we’re introducing our Cohesion Living Lab for our March Product Updates that is showcasing how Access and Flex Reservations together are the new Workplace with employee badge in

Product Updates

February 2023 Product Updates

One-click Booking for Flex Space Reservations  Employees now have a faster way to book a desk or conference room when looking to find and reserve the perfect space to work