The Next Level Fund: Making a Positive Impact Through Technology

Cohesion Making a Positive Impact in CRE Through Technology

Creating and maintaining a diverse team is one of Cohesion’s top priorities. Our women-led and multiculturally founded start-up offers an inclusive workspace and aims to ensure our core values are being met.

As we continue to focus on the importance of diversity at Cohesion, we are honored to have received investments from the Morgan Stanley Next Level Fund, contributing to our Series A Funding.

The Next Level Fund was created by Morgan Stanley Investment Management (MSIM), a leading global financial services firm, and provides cash investments to early-stage technology and technology-enabled companies with women or diverse members as part of the founding team.

In partnership with HearstLab, Microsoft, and Walmart, the Fund strategically offers a unique opportunity and assistance for diverse leadership teams who are often underrepresented. Companies not only benefit from the capital provided from the Fund, but also gain access to the global resources and capabilities of each corporate partner.

Initiatives, such as Morgan Stanley’s Next Level Fund, pave a crucial path to a more inclusive and forward-thinking future. Learn more about the Next Level Fund here.

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