Touchless Access Control: Making Buildings Smart

Cohesion Touchless Access Control Making Buildings Smart

Technology is no longer just nice to have in office buildings. It’s a must-have. Tenants are demanding better access to their buildings. And technology – specifically touchless access control technology. Tenants are interested in touchless capabilities that allow them to enter their building, call elevators, or operate bathroom amenities without physical contact with surfaces.

Cohesion’s smart building platform uses its access control system and 1-touch configuration to offer touchless access control to everyone in a building, all while making the building smarter. Here’s how Cohesion’s touchless access control system is helping:

Streamline Visitor Management

Traditional visitor management systems include front desk staff helping you, signing in via paper, checking in with door attendants, or two-way audio buzzers. These are outdated and require many steps to enter your building and give building managers more information to track. Cohesion’s touchless access control system makes it easier to manage visitors via their visitor management dashboard and offers tenants the ability to navigate within their building independently.

Cohesion’s smart building platform integrates with the building’s access control system and allows building staff to view a dashboard of upcoming or past visits, schedule recurring visits, and manage a watch list of essential or suspicious people coming in and out of their building. Each visitor is synced into the access control system and assigned a credential and QR code for the rest of their visit – easily accessible through their mobile device and allowing them to have a touchless experience throughout their building. Readers installed in the building lobby common spaces can read the QR codes and grant visitors restricted or timed access and inform all interested parties that their visitor has arrived – making the overall visitor management process more manageable.

Reduce Operational Costs

Buildings benefit from touchless technology from a monetary standpoint. Touchless access control allows you to navigate through a building without getting additional staff or resources involved – all you need is a mobile device and the technology. For example, people can use touchless access control via elevators. The smart elevator hardware from elevator manufacturers could cost up to seven figures, but using touchless technology enables this same touchless elevator functionality for a fraction of the cost through software.

Improve Business Continuity

In a very remote world and the middle of the pandemic, it’s important to give tenants the flexibility they want and the tools they need to follow safety guidelines. Cohesion’s touchless access control system helps address these two things by reducing the number of physical touchpoints a tenant must interact with and giving them control.

Cohesion’s smart building platform application can be configured to act as a mobile credential within the building, removing the need for a separate physical badge. It’s made smarter via integration with both the access control system and a mobile credential system. Tenants can navigate from the front door of the building to their desk without touching nearly anything other than just their mobile device.

Integrate Multiple Systems

Cohesion functionality is designed to be agnostic to the touchless access control system installed in the building. Its smart building platform application can support multiple access control systems within the same building. For example, a single access control system can be installed to keep all access at the building level (e.g., shared spaces, turnstiles, etc.), and a tenant company can use their access control system to manage access within their tenant spaces, essentially making buildings run smarter.

Cohesion can integrate with both systems and provide a single common interface for managing them. Instead of setting up users multiple times in each access control system, you can set up user needs to be done once. As a result, the effort and coordination are reduced between building and company staff, users can use single credentials to touchlessly navigate from building spaces into company spaces, even if interacting with different systems behind the scenes, offering greater flexibility to support a wider range of enterprise scenarios.

Cohesion’s offers touchless access control technology that helps your building run smart and enhances your tenant experience — interested in learning more? Request a demo with our team to learn more.

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