Touchless Capabilities Promote Social Distancing and Improve Productivity

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The Less Physical Contact and the Fewer Touchpoints, The Better

Due to COVID-19, hundreds of millions of employees are currently participating in the biggest work from home experiment in history and they are dealing with a new way of working. They are not worrying about the physical exposure that one can experience in a single day while working in an office building. They are not touching elevator buttons or carrying plastic badges with them.

Company managers are not meeting in person with building operators to administer building access for newly hired or newly fired employees. For building operators, they, too, are relieved from the human contact involved with these daily activities. Plus, operators are no longer handing over copies of administrative or procedural forms and documents. They are not managing in-person check-ins for meetings with large groups of visitors. Everyone and nearly every process has been pushed to become digital.

As economies begin to re-open and employees return to their office buildings, it will be imperative for real estate owners and operators to adapt to employee’s evolved expectations of the work environment. Cohesion recently conducted a survey where we asked tenant employees what was most important to them when looking ahead at returning to their office buildings. The biggest changes people want to see reflect their desire to control or limit their exposure to contracting a virus.

Technologies that enable touchless interactions topped their list, with over 60% of employees wanting to see touchless capabilities implemented at their office buildings.

Implementing touchless capability technologies will provide a frictionless office experience so occupants can easily get into their office buildings, productively get their work done and go home, all while maintaining proper social distancing.

Cohesion Offers a Suite of Touchless Capabilities to Digitize Access and Administration

Cohesion offers digital solutions for building access to remove “touch access” for entry to the building, through the lobby, and into elevators, as well as, for administrative tasks to streamline processes while helping to support social distancing. With Cohesion, building owners and operators will reduce physical contact and streamline on-boarding, while maintaining security protocols.  

Cohesion’s Touchless Capability Features Include:

Mobile Keycard | Provide swift, secure, and contact-free building and amenity access.  Integrate with digital vertical transportation systems for touchless elevator access.

Visitor Management | Deliver a seamless experience with digitized invites, clearances, time-based QR code credentials, and arrival notifications.

User + Role management | Efficiently onboard tenant companies with role-based permissions and access.

Document Management | Offer easy, secure role-based access to building documents contained in one, organized online library. To learn more about Cohesion’s touchless technology and its ability to help with a safer return to work, request a demo with our team.

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