Touchless Technology Promotes Healthy Buildings and Workplaces for Improved Productivity

Cohesion Touchless Elevator Call Button

With a tough flu season already underway, millions of employees are trying to prevent the spread of illness at the workplace.

It seems that this flu season is already more severe than it has been in almost 13 years according to The Washington Post. “Not since the 2009 H1N1 swine flu pandemic has there been such a high burden of flu, a metric the CDC uses to estimate a season’s severity based on laboratory-confirmed cases, doctor visits, hospitalizations, and deaths”

Winter is traditionally a prosperous time for respiratory viruses and more employees are using office buildings in a hybrid way. The COVID-19 pandemic and return to work initiatives catapulted the desire for less physical contact and fewer touchpoints in the workplace to avert illness – further advancing the demand for touchless technology.

It is imperative for workplace and building management teams to adapt to employees’ evolved expectations of the work environment and help prevent the spread of disease. Technologies that enable touchless interactions are the perfect solutions for limiting employees’ exposure to contracting a virus or sickness. Implementing touchless capability technologies provide a frictionless office experience so occupants can easily get into their office buildings, productively get their work done and go home, all while maintaining proper social distancing. 

Cohesion offers a suite of touchless capabilities to digitize access and administration 

Cohesion offers digital solutions to streamline processes while helping to support health protocols. Workplace and building management teams can reduce physical contact and automate operations while maintaining security guidelines.   

Cohesion’s touchless features 

Mobile Keycard | Provide swift, secure, and contact-free building and amenity access. 

Elevator Call Button | Integrate with digital vertical transportation systems for touchless elevator access from your phone.

Visitor Access | Deliver a seamless experience with digital invites, clearances, time-based QR code credentials, and arrival notifications. 

Touchless access features enhance other Cohesion features

Desk Reservations | Offer a seamless, touchless process for users to reserve desks in the location they desire. They can collaborate with or easily avoid colleagues depending on their needs for the day.

Amenity Reservations | Give users access to amenity information, ability to search and make reservations. They can also request needed equipment to be most productive.

Parking Reservations | Allow users to book parking in seconds and gain instant and secure access to the building’s parking garage.

User + Role management | Efficiently onboard users with role-based permissions and access. 

Cohesion has a portfolio of touchless features to meet your building and workplace needs. Reach out today to get your questions answered [email protected]

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