Tough Times Don’t Last, Tough Teams Do

Change is an inevitable constant that any organization must manage. As an early-stage startup, change happens regularly at Cohesion. Because of the COVID-19 crisis, changes have been accelerated within our organization, presenting many new challenges for our workforce. We have learned that with the right team, change can be a positive opportunity for growth, innovation, and improvement.

While we can’t be sure how long this pandemic will last, there is one thing we are sure of – our team. We have a team of incredible people who continuously leverage their strengths to be positive change-makers in our organization. Cohesion employees have shown us the full scope and power of their abilities as they step up to meet challenges head-on.

Throughout these trying times, we have seen our team take on new responsibilities, assume new roles, and add many more hats to their proverbial hat racks. They have collaborated cross-functionally by contributing to group projects and participating in company brainstorm sessions. Shout-outs and kudos are constant as employees acknowledge the hard work of their teammates and share accomplishments and successes with celebratory group posts. Every member of our team exhibits our core values of integrity, commitment, ingenuity, continuous improvement, and meaningful interactions. We are impressed and inspired by them every day.

Our Employees Accelerate the Future of Our Work

While we certainly depend on the present abilities of our team, we also acknowledge their potential. The capacity each employee has to grow and adapt in new areas is incredible. Our team is made up of strong, unique individuals who are creative, curious, collaborative, and kind. These attributes are the foundation on which we continue to build a sustainably successful team.

As a company, we recognize the need for employees to expand their knowledge and skills to adapt to the ever-changing business environment. We remain dedicated to providing the opportunities, tools, and training necessary to support them in their personal and professional development. Learning comes in many forms; we approach each employee’s development to meet them where they are and create a learning experience that works best for them. This approach doesn’t just maximize our employees’ potential, it accelerates the future of our work.

Commitment to Continuous Growth

The resilience our workforce has shown with their ingenuity and commitment to continuous improvement has us excited to take on whatever lies ahead. There is no telling if things will ever go back to the “normal” there was before. Disruption will likely be a constant in ours and all organizations moving forward. Capitalizing on our employees’ abilities and embracing their potential will allow us to create resilience that will sustain us in the future. Tough times don’t last, tough teams do.

On this Employee Appreciation Day 2021, we want to express our sincere gratitude to our employees for the work they have done, for where we are now, and for what we will accomplish together in the future.

Thank you, Team Cohesion. We can’t do this without you.

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