What Happened in July?

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Popular Features 

Track and manage vendor work and associated certificate of insurance (COI) documents to ensure compliance. Receive alerts when documents will expire. Learn More 

Our Visitor Management system is a convenient and secure way to schedule guests and visitors from anywhere, anytime. This eliminates the need to connect with management and security teams as visitors are scheduled or arrive. Learn More 

Integrations: Datawatch and Lenel S2 

We continually add new integrations to our large library of building system connections. Our integrations are certified and go deep. We don’t just add relays or hardware work-arounds. This month, we added Lenel S2 and Datawatch access control systems to our integration library – the largest in the industry! 

Offline sensor alert launched last month  

IoT sensors are only as valuable as the data they provide. Since we released our behind-the-scenes feature, offline sensor alerts, last month, we’ve been able to track intermittent outages and help our customers get sensors back online within 30 minutes versus what could have taken days. Data protected.  


Instantly activate your parking! Whether you have on-premises or third-party-managed parking garages, Cohesion has launched a friction-free way to quickly and easily book convenient, economical parking, right in the Cohesion app. Get the full story here


People in your building want to be heard! Cohesion’s new polling feature is the fastest and easiest way to engage tenants, gather insights, and understand sentiment. Instantly send and review, simple one-question surveys, right in the Cohesion app. And, of course, all raw survey results are fully accessible and downloadable. Get the full story here.

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