What is Environmental, Social and Governance Reporting (ESG) in Commercial Real Estate?

What is Environmental, Social and Governance Reporting (ESG) in Commercial Real Estate

Cohesion is dedicated to providing building owners and managers with accurate and resourceful information to enhance new ESG reporting needs. Our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting enables building owners and managers to view and discuss crucial building data needed for sustainable development and capital investment decisions at a greater cost savings than traditional annual reports.

While ESG monitoring is quickly becoming a high priority for building owners and managers across the world, Cohesion offers a global operational view that is strictly based on outcomes and starts at building-specific reports which can easily scale across portfolio buildings. We share this information on a monthly or quarterly basis, while other ESG Reports are more commonly gathered on an annual basis.

Our automated reporting tool, based on live data per building, collects compelling ESG information on an annually generated basis, as well as quarterly snapshots of key metrics. This allows building managers and investors to better understand how their property can operate more efficiently and reduce the carbon footprint.

The value of our ESG Reports includes:

  • Money saved in building out consistent, live data pipelines
  • Time saved in the manual process of issuing surveys and report design
  • Transparency of sustainability goals to attract and retain tenants
  • A data-driven tool for building management when discussing ESG initiatives
  • Market expertise in Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and ESG mapping

As sustainability research and regulations become more widely implemented, ESG is taking on a greater significance in the real estate industry. With Cohesion’s ESG Reports, investors and building ownership groups can now showcase their efforts and awareness in reducing energy, improving sustainability, and expressing concern for their tenants’ wellbeing.

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