3 Reasons You Need Unified, Smart Building Technology – It Fuels The “New Tenant Experience” 

Cohesion Unified Software Platform

A popular smart building technology solution is the tenant experience app. Over the last couple years, tenant experience apps have served the purpose of linking the people in your building to experiential features like virtual amenities and informational links in their building. This simple technology is often believed to be game-changing for tenant experience. However, the “tenant experience” is missing much of the value you should expect in smart building technology or shall we say the “smart tenant experience.” The simple tenant experience only addresses a single audience within your building and lacks scope, vision, and true ingenuity. Most importantly, it doesn’t address your operating team’s need for rich holistic data that includes insight into your building systems and automated processes.  

With the global smart building market projected to grow from $81 billion USD in 2022 to $329 billion USD by 2029, revolutionary technology in the building space is in greater demand than ever. Far more advanced smart building technologies are available at a similar cost and offer a truly state-of-the-art digital experience for all. Benefits of a unified digital platform include a robust operations platform with rich holistic data to help you solve the most difficult macroeconomic issues facing your people, buildings, and resources.  

Cohesion Unified Software Platform for Smart Buildings

Here are three reasons you need advanced smart building technology, not just a tenant experience app. 

#1: It gives you greater insight into operational workflows and streamlines user collaboration, connection and community 

In addition to tenant experience, true smart building technology offers digital smart controls and automated workflows for your management teams and all users, saving them time and energy spent on tedious tasks. Management teams can utilize in-platform, automated workflows to enable better system monitoring for healthy and efficient processes. Data derived from a unified platform includes sources from such features as building occupancy, amenity reservations, service requests, visitor management, vendor management and more.  

So what happens when you combine smart building technology with tenant experience? We create the new tenant experience which is a smart tenant experience. The smart tenant experience means that in addition to the community and communication features, we deliver smart controls that mimic people’s smart home experience. With a smart tenant experience app, people have a seamless digital amenity to guide them through their day. The idea is that the things that used to be a pain, are now solved for like you won’t forget to bring your keycard to scan into the building because no one ever forgets their phone. You don’t have to send an email to get a work order done and hope that the tenant coordinator property manager will forward it on to the building engineer. And if your meeting is running late, you don’t have to worry about leaving by a certain hour to make the early bird rate for your parking reservation. You don’t have to worry – because all of this can be handled in app. Having both sides of a workflow in the same unified platform guarantees that nothing is missed by building staff, tenants are happy because they have self-service access to all amenities and workflows in the building, and you get insights that allow you to actually see what people care about the most!  

This information provides greater visibility and a collective narrative into the correlation between buildings and the people within them. For example, you can manage efficient use of spaces that are adaptable to people’s changing needs. Occupancy and space utilization data trends can be analyzed to find when amenity reservations or building visits are most likely to occur and ensure environmental controls such as HVAC scheduling are operating efficiently, and only when needed.   

#2: True intelligence and sustainable building systems 

All-encompassing data leads to intelligence which drives value. As a property owner or management team, this technology can be used to help attract and retain tenants through a platform where intelligence goes back into the building in the form of autonomous actions and, as a result, boosts asset value, return on investment and provides an overall increase in your bottom line. Talk about efficiency that goes beyond just an experience app! 

This data paired with an autonomous platform, allows for an efficient and healthy building, which enables you to create the most comfortable tenant experience among many other benefits. For example, combining real-time data from people, systems and operations, you can get automated ESG reports and skip expensive outsourcing. 

#3: It offers resource efficiencies with excellent return on investment 

It also provides intelligence in the form of actionable insights relating to every aspect of the systems and people in your buildings. These analytics are used to provide a more comprehensive understanding of trends over time. It enables greater visibility into the processes that run a building through connected systems, Proor, “internet of things” (IoT), saving time and capital. Advancements in IoT are making the systems inside of a building more connected, transitioning them from cost centers to assets that yield so much in savings that they generate an argument for all buildings to implement IoT smart building technologies.  

Cohesion is a smart building technology that digitizes your real estate with the industry’s only unified software platform for data, operations and experience. We offer owners and operations teams up to $1.08 in immediate ROI from operational efficiencies and unlocked revenue opportunities. Let us know how we can help you with your smart building needs [email protected] or visit us at cohesionib.com

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