cohesion is a comprehensive software solution that equips real estate owners and operators with the actionable intelligence to optimize portfolios through connected operations and communities.

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cohesion delivers tangible ROI

displace all other management-related software through our deep integration capabilities and extensive native-built features

one login for one platform to simplify your workday, whether you're a tenant or a portfolio manager.

unlock true intelligence through our patent-pending digital twin, a virtual simulation of the building that optimizes building systems

Exceed Sustainability Goals

Streamline Workflows

uncover customized actionable insights from comprehensive space utilization data

increase revenues by crafting a curated, desirable experience that truly attracts and retains tenants

decrease costs by making operations more efficient

Increase Building Value

Access Control

Visitor Management

Maintenance Management

Document Management

Role + User Management



Building Calendar

Fitness + Wellness

Amenity Reservations

Mass Notifications

Communications Food Services


Space Utilization

Maintenance Management

Systems Management + Performance
Tenant Engagement
Amenity Usage + ROI
Utility Management
Portfolio Management

cohesion is one comprehensive platform with both web and mobile interfaces

designed with complete flexibility

to customize features by building or role, across owners, operators, and tenants

leveraging secure and IoT-enabled software, the end-to-end integrations provide endless feature possibilities at your fingertips

connected operations

actionable insights

connected community