Approaching Building Amenities with Smart Building Technology

Cohesion Approaching Building Amenities with Smart Building Technology

It’s nothing new that amenities make buildings stand out for tenants. Whether it be the fancy conference room, accessible gym, or lounging area for teams to gather in, these amenities are all things that keep tenants’ experience fresh. Workplace amenities have been used as a differentiator among buildings and have been a way to create an environment that is fun and engaging.

But will amenities still matter after the pandemic and with the increase of a hybrid-work model? The answer is yes. Cushman & Wakefield’s study reveals that employees who are “most able to reset” have greater access to amenities like wellness, outdoor, and private spaces. They’ve also highlighted that 96% of employees identify as high performers if they have higher range of spaces and technologies available.

So, how can buildings offer better amenities with a seamless experience? We’ve got the answer: smart building technology offers a better tenant experience. Below, we’ll talk about how you can achieve this.

More Flexible

Smart building technology allows for streamlined and more flexible building amenity operations to take place. Tenants are empowered to easily reserve amenities on their phones without calling building management in advance or looking for building staff to communicate their needs. They don’t have to scavenge for amenity information anymore. Prices and availability can be provided through a smart building technology platform where tenants can make their choices on their own time. Suppose tenants decide to go forward with reserving an amenity. In that case, they can streamline their billing workflows and pay automatically from the app.

Better Options

Buildings traditionally run their payments via check or cash, making a tenant’s process longer to reserve amenities. Smart building technology can offer tenants the ability to pay with a preferred credit card, AHC, or even with credits. The credits option allows property managers to grant their tenants a certain number of credits to reserve amenities for free. Property managers can then use this option as an incentive to reward tenants, leading to increased engagement of their spaces. If tenants spend more than their allotted amount, they can pay for the remaining balance in the app. Smart building technology simply gives you more options and less hassle.

Take Control

It’s a reality that tenants have to go through various steps to get basic amenity information. First, they must call the office and ask when it’s available, and in return, they’ll probably receive a PDF of layouts and pricing for the amenities. From there, tenants will have to call again to book the amenity and hope that the building staff puts it on their internal calendar. This process leaves many opportunities for things to fall through the cracks.

With smart building technology, tenants are given transparency of the availability of amenities. They can view the amenities they have access to and look at its availability calendar without having to call building management in advance. This makes the overall process more manageable and gives tenants control to what they need. From the building management side, if amenities are busy throughout the day, it allows them to put time constraints on amenities to reduce overbooking and enable other tenants to use the space.

Smart building technology enhances the amenity experience and allows your building to run smoother. Tenants perform better with amenities, making it important to continue making them easily accessible.

Cohesion’s smart building platform covers amenity bookings from end-to-end, incorporates many use cases, and allows for customization. The flexible platform can fulfill all amenity needs for each unique building, allowing for a seamless experience for your building’s occupants. If you’d like to learn more about how our platform enhances building amenities, request a demo with our team.

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