Drive topline growth and revolutionize your buildings

The world of commercial real estate is changing. We offer the industry’s most comprehensive suite of resources for property owners. Asset management teams leverage real-time data for capital and investment decision-making while maximizing the service provided to tenants.

Owners can optimize portfolios based on real-time, synchronized and standardized data for transparency, scale and speed.

We help owners focus on digitally revolutionizing their assets to drive ESG goals and future-proof their buildings. This is how your assets will not only survive but thrive.

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Real estate is rapidly changing, here's why you need tech now


higher workforce churn rate in commercial real estate
than other industries


reduction in GHG and carbon emissions required by 2050 on all new and existing buildings


of all U.S. office inventory
faces obsolescence 

Understand your buildings at a deeper level

Raise your assets above passive engagement by creating an active digital environment rich with operational data. 

Be responsive to occupant behavior, with improved operational efficiencies, and elevated building experiences that allow you to:

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An Example of cohesion's Building ESG Report

Smart Commercial Building Solutions

Through dashboards and insights, understand every relevant aspect of operations. Increased transparency across management makes it easier to stay on top of expenses, workflows, tenant needs and more, optimizing your processes and helping you enhance revenue capture.

With Parallel by Cohesion™ digital twin technology, observe real-time contextualized data that represents the holistic view of building operations. These useful insights help you quickly identify areas which need management attention and track daily trends while optimizing productivity and accountability. Through permissioned access of this smart building technology platform, tenants, operators and owners gain transparency and understanding to comprehensive insights.

Understand what affects your buildings: humans, systems, and systems. Gain a 360-degree view of all the factors involved in your building management with the robust tools you need to stay ahead. Importantly, you increase value with investment in Cohesion's smart technology across your building management.


The Cohesion Experience

Cohesion Visitor Management System

From consultations to new tech onboarding, data analytics and marketing. We are here for you with lifetime support.

Smart Building readiness Report

To begin the process, we'll take time to evaluate your property management and usage needs fully. In less than a day, our experts create a smart building readiness report for all of your building systems, including access control, elevator, HVAC, CMMS, parking and others.

Rapid Implementation

The Cohesion platform can be implemented in as little as two weeks. We provide transparency through the implementation process so there are no surprises or unanticipated delays. Our expert team will work with you to discuss key needs and develop the best roadmap for product implementation.

Accelerate Adoption

We offer white-glove care including personal communication, user guides, how-to videos and virtual or in-person training sessions. Our team provides support to help you streamline communications between tenants, operators and owners. We'll also help you start new initiatives, drive new programs and promote offerings that enhance your property value. We're committed to assisting your success at every step, offering expert consultation and implementation support to ensure you get the most from your solution. Whenever you need product assistance or answers to questions, our team is ready to help.

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We are here for you, whether you are curious, have a specific question, would like a demo or consultation. Just reach out and someone will be in touch shortly.

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