Elevators: We’ve Got an Intelligent App For That

Cohesion Touchless Elevator Call Button

Cohesion’s in-app elevator call button provides a secure, healthy, and premium building experience. As tenants approach an elevator, they can use the Cohesion app to call an elevator without touching a physical button. The platform integrates with beacons in the building for proximity information, which allows Cohesion to create a more intelligent elevator experience.

Touchless without destination dispatch: Cohesion’s platform gives you a touchless elevator tool without a costly destination dispatch upgrade.

In-app elevator call button: By connecting to the elevator management system via API, we move the elevator button from the wall to your phone, so occupants only touch the wall button if they want.

Intelligent operations: By leveraging beacons, the app knows what floor the tenant is on so it can automatically call the elevator to that floor.

Secure access: Cohesion’s access control integration ensures that users can only call an elevator to the floors that they are permitted to access. Additionally, beacons ensure that users are near the elevators to call one.

Premium occupant experience: Delight tenants with a smart building control that also reduces physical touchpoints within the building.

Cohesion’s intelligent building platform provides additional touchless tools to reduce surfaces touched throughout the building including mobile keycards and providing digital QR code credentials for visitors throughout the building. To learn more about the touchless tools that Cohesion offers, request a demo with our team. About Cohesion

Cohesion’s IoT and AI-enabled platform integrates building systems, streamlines operations, and connects tenants and operators to deliver actionable insights. Cohesion allows for real estate operators to make their properties “smart” to enhance the tenant experience, while also creating cost efficiencies. Founded in August 2018 and headquartered in Chicago’s Central Business District, Cohesion is a spin-off venture of ESD, a leading Chicago-based global engineering design firm at the forefront of next-generation building design. For more information, visit Cohesionib.com.

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