How to Leverage ESG for Long-Term Value in Commercial Real Estate

Begin your ESG strategy

This guidebook is a tool for commercial real estate and ancillary industry professionals to understand the three pillars of an environmental social and governance (ESG) strategy:

1. It’s true and applicable value.

2. Why rapid strategic alignment is necessary.

3. What steps you can take right now to ensure you’re set for success on your ESG journey. 

Roadmap to success

The collective shift to environmental, social and governance strategy, reporting, and disclosure illustrates a picture of an industry aiming for change.  The companies on the forefront of the ESG adoption curve are pioneering this industry-wide movement, but concerns about next steps are mounting for the companies that are further behind.
With this ESG resource you will be able to learn and implement the following:


Identify where your company lands on the ESG adoption curve against where you want to be.


Determine your core competencies that can immediately feed into your ESG strategy.


Partner with 3rd party organizations and smart building technology to help you on your ESG journey.

ESG Guidebook for CRE


Outsource your ESG data acquisition and reporting strategies to the experts.


Disclose your efforts to both internal and external stakeholders.


Download How to Leverage ESG for Long-Term Value in Commercial Real Estate.

The commercial real estate industry sits in a precarious position of its own doing


of the world's greenhouse emissions come from CRE


of those CRE greenhouse gas emissions come from building operations


of the remaining CRE greenhouse gas emissions come from new construction

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