Embrace hybrid work with flexible space reservations

Workplace and office flexibility are in high demand for hybrid work models. To retain and acquire tenants and employees, management teams are expected to provide desirable environments. This makes a technology platform to reserve, manage, track and enable flexible space and desk reservations a new necessity.

To help create these desirable work environments, as well as space utilization and occupancy tracking, Cohesion now offers Flex Space and Desk Reservation features within their complete smart building technology solution.


projected increase in demand for hot desk capabilities


of large employers want flex space available within their building


projected annual flex space growth

Space and desk reservations are key to desirable workplaces

Search from list or floorplan view to discover spaces or desks that are available.

See people with reservations and reserve a spot next to teammates you need to collaborate with.

Know the spaces and desks have the right features and equipment for the job.

With a suite of other features,  in the Cohesion platform, users get VIP touchless access to parking, building, elevators and suites – all through their own smart phones.

Order food and nearby services right within the app.

Make reservations on the go from anywhere through the phone app or desktop.

Know you have a dedicated spot with the amenities and technology needed to be productive.

Increase engagement and occupancy in your buildings by matching unused space with employee needs.

Eliminate outside vendors to provide flex spaces and hot desking capabilities. 

Track granular usage of space for informed capital investment decisions. Objectively optimize operating expenditure based on space usage and engagement.

Eliminate spreadsheets, emails and outdated ways of tracking employee travel and space needs.

Know what your users need for space utilization and demand. Keeping it in-house creates opportunities for increased revenue.

Flex space for owners and operators

Tenants love this offering as it allows them to effectively plan for their office needs while taking advantage of the building’s flexible spaces. Via an integration with an external booking software, Cohesion’s reservation system can be offered to users outside of the tenant roster for additional revenue opportunities.


With the flight to quality and high amenity investments, you can stand out by offering your tenants something different so they can focus on effectively managing their space. You can offer them the ability to flex up and down on space as they need - ultimately offering space as a service.

Tech-Forward Spaces

By offering flex space, desk reservations, access control and visitor management in a single tool, your office space will not only be smart – but also desired. It ultimately sets the standard for credit worthy tenants.

In-House Capabilities

You can work with a third-party operator to manage your spec suites, or you can do it yourself with Cohesion’s easy to use back end operating system.

A workplace office with several electronic devices and employees working independently and together

Hot desk reservations for workplace

Say no to a complicated hot desk reservation system.  Offer a new single experience for all your workplace resources. With Cohesion’s hot desk reservations feature, employees can book desks near teammates, a window or anywhere they prefer. 

Fast + Easy

Employees can reserve a desk for desired length of time by searching from a list or floorplan view in a single click. No more clunky software on a desktop – just use the app to book!


Increase flexibility in managing office space and provide an option for employees to choose a desk that suits them.​


Employees have visibility to where their team or others are sitting and what desk configurations are available to best suit their needs for the day, week, or month.

Offer the flexible options everyone wants

Cohesion provides the technology and the insights that allow owners and managers to provide the flexible work environment that is in demand today.



By nature, we are a complete smart building technology solution. That means your tenants and employees will get a VIP digital experience throughout your building. Extra features include visitor management, nearby services, food ordering and even parking – right from users’ phones. 

Anyone with permission to access the flex space and hot desk features. Management teams have full control of what roles can access which features and who has visibility into the data. 

Cohesion offers two views that both include names of people who have reservations. You can view floor plan layout and reservations or in list view. All associated equipment and reserved spaces are available to see. 

Want to sit near a window – you can see that too!

If you have a tenant company providing the flex space and hot desk services for your building, Cohesion can completely displace them and you can bring those revenue streams in-house. Benefits for this include greater revenue, attract high-value tenants and receive all of the data on who and when the space is being utilized so you know what is in demand.

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